8070 Ehsaas Rashan Subsidy 10500 BISP New Update 8171 | Ramzan Relief 22 July 2024

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Mohsin Khan welcomes viewers to his YouTube channel, sharing exciting news regarding the Mustafiz Ration Riyadh Programme during Ramadan.

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Mustafiz Ration Riyadh Programme

Under the supervision of Mariam Nawaz, the programme has initiated distribution of gift hampers containing essential items like free flour and ration.

Application Process

Mohsin explains the application procedure for receiving these hampers, emphasizing the government’s thorough data collection to ensure eligibility.

Checking Eligibility

To confirm eligibility, individuals are advised to contact local administrative authorities, with gift hamper distribution expected before 22 July 2024 20th.

Dedicated Portal for Subsidies

A dedicated portal for Ramadan subsidies has been launched, accessible through utility store owners, distinguishing them from government-provided hampers.

Government Assistance

Individuals must apply through designated channels to access government assistance, separate from Maryam Nawaz’s initiative.

Timely Provision

Efforts are in place to promptly provide provisions to deserving individuals, including a Ramadan relief package available at utility stores.

Subsidized Rates

Essential commodities are offered at subsidized rates throughout Ramadan, extending until Chand Raat, with flour, ghee, and sugar available at discounted prices.

Community Support

By subscribing to the channel, viewers stay informed about government assistance programmes and contribute to community welfare.

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Quick Details
Host:Mohsin Khan
Programme:Mustafiz Ration Riyadh
Initiator:Mariam Nawaz
Eligibility Confirmation:Contact local authorities
Application Deadline:Before 22 July 2024 20th
Subsidized Rates:Available till Chand Raat
Support:Subscribe for updates


Mohsin concludes the video, thanking viewers for tuning in and bidding farewell with “Allah Hafiz.”