8171 Benazir Kafaalat Program: Register for Rs. 10,500 Assistance

11 July 2024 6, 2024

The 8171 Benazir Kafaalat Program, launched by the Government of Pakistan, aims to provide essential financial assistance to disadvantaged families across the country. As of 2024, eligible beneficiaries can receive a substantial payment of Rs. 10,500 through a streamlined registration process.

This program targets vulnerable groups, including widows, elderly individuals, persons with disabilities, and transgender persons. The primary objective is to alleviate financial hardships and ensure these families can meet their basic needs effectively.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Rs. 10,500 assistance under the 8171 Benazir Kafaalat Program, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  • Residency: Must reside in a city within Pakistan.
  • Land Ownership: Possess less than five acres of land.
  • Poverty Rate: Family poverty rate should be less than 40%.
  • Travel History: No international travel record.
  • Income Limit: Monthly income should not exceed Rs. 30,000.
  • Legal Record: No involvement in illegal activities.

Required Documents

Applicants need to furnish the following documents during the registration process:

Required Documents
National Identity Card (issued by NADRA)
B-Form for Children (issued by NADRA)
Personal SIM Card Number
Monthly Electricity Bill Information
Proof of Monthly Income
Complete Residential Address

These documents are essential to verify eligibility and ensure the rightful distribution of financial aid.

8171 Benazir Kafaalat 10500 Registration Start Through Form

The registration process for the 8171 Benazir Kafaalat Program is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Access the BISP 8171 official website.
  2. Fill out the Form: Click on the “Apply Now” button and complete the registration form. Input your National Identity Card number, mobile number, number of dependent children, monthly electricity bill details, and residential address.
  3. Submission and Confirmation: Review the filled form for accuracy before submission. Once submitted, applicants will receive an SMS confirmation regarding their eligibility status.
  4. Collect Assistance: Eligible applicants should visit the nearest BISP 8171 office with the required documents to collect their Rs. 10,500 assistance.


The 8171 Benazir Kafaalat Program represents a significant effort by the Government of Pakistan to support marginalized communities by providing direct financial assistance. By adhering to the outlined registration process and meeting eligibility requirements, eligible families can access vital resources to improve their quality of life.

For additional information and updates on government welfare initiatives, please refer to the official BISP website.

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