Benazir Nashonuma 2024: Essential Aid for Pregnant Women

In 22 July 2024, the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) initiated the Benazir Nashonuma Wazaifa, extending aid to 4500 newly eligible pregnant women. If you’ve registered for the program and received confirmation via SMS from 8171, it’s imperative to promptly contact your nearest health facility, DHQ, or THQ Hospital for further processing and verification. The instalment will be disbursed after verification from these facilities. If you have enrolled in Benazir Nashariya Wazif and received a confirmation SMS from 8171, contact your nearest health centre and DHQ or THQ hospital as soon as possible. Benazir Nishnoma Wazif will be issued to you after verification.

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The Benazir Income Support Program has changed the way installments are given to pregnant women and children under the Benazir Development Programme. Henceforth, eligible women in all Benazir Nishunoma programs will receive instalments from Benazir Development Health Center and THQ Hospital instead of HBL E Connect Shop. So go to the nearest hospital where you can register as soon as possible and get your special growth program episode.

Payment Receiving Process for the Benazir Nashonuma Program

For women eligible to receive the Benazir Nashonuma installment in 22 July 2024, a structured process is in place to streamline the payment retrieval. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Visit Designated Centers: Head to your nearest DHQ or THQ and Health Facility Center where you initially registered.
  2. Inform Representatives: Upon arrival, inform the centre’s representative about your instalment details.
  3. Verification Process: The representative will collect your National Identity Card and enter it into the system for verification of payment status.
  4. Fingerprint Verification: If your instalment is confirmed, fingerprint verification will be required.
  5. Payment Retrieval: Upon successful verification, you’ll receive your Benazir Nashonuma program installment.
  6. Alternate Verification: In cases where fingerprint verification isn’t feasible, visit the nearest BISP tehsil office to complete a payment registration form. The assistance amount will be released without further verification.

Quick Details Table

Benazir Nashonuma Wazaifa 2024– Assistance extended to 4500 newly eligible pregnant women
– Visit designated centres
Payment Receiving Process– Inform representatives about instalment details
The verification process involves National Identity Card and fingerprint verification
– Prompt action is required to secure an instalment by contacting the nearest hospital representative
Eligibility Check– Installments are now disbursed directly from hospitals, with government representatives facilitating verification and disbursement
Final Words– Utilize the 8171 web portal to verify grant details if SMS is not received
– Complete and submit requisite reports for program registration
– Installments now disbursed directly from hospitals, with government representatives facilitating verification and disbursement

Eligibility Check for Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa

For pregnant women entitled to the self and child Benazir Nashonuma stipend, ensuring receipt of installment SMS is crucial. If you haven’t received the SMS, utilize the 8171 web portal to ascertain your grant details. Here’s how:

  1. Access the Web Portal: Open the designated web portal on your mobile browser.
  2. Enter Details: Input your CNIC number, registered mobile number, and captcha image code.
  3. Review Assistance Details: Upon submission, the portal will display your eligibility and assistance amount.

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In conclusion, the Benazir Nashonuma Wazaifa 2024 marks a significant stride in providing essential assistance to pregnant women in need. Through streamlined processes and direct disbursement channels via health facilities and hospitals, the program aims to ensure timely support reaches eligible beneficiaries. It’s imperative for women to promptly engage with the designated centres and follow the outlined procedures for payment retrieval. Additionally, utilising digital platforms such as the 8171 web portal offers a convenient means to verify eligibility and access grant details.

As we navigate these initiatives, prioritising efficient communication and adherence to program requirements will be pivotal in maximising the benefits for pregnant women across the region. Together, by fostering collaborative efforts and efficient implementation, we can effectively support and empower pregnant women towards a healthier and more secure future.

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