BISP 8171 Rashan Program 4500 New Messages Starts

Under the BISP 8171 Rashan Program people have started receiving messages, A large number of people have received messages. Now what was said in these messages? And the new one is worth 10,500 and is for children If you are a wazaif holder then it is for the children wazaif has arrived, from which day it was issued to you. There will also be important good news for the survey people. this is very important news that Our dynamic survey under the Kafalat program After getting the study done, a lot of people did not receive messages earlier. It usually takes 30 minutes for the message to get but some people. There were no messages at that time, but now there are messages. I got it yesterday and checked it myself. We have also investigated how many people receive messages. If we have done it then let us tell you this The messages received by the survey people were If you are eligible for the Benazir Kafalat Program Who did you recently collect Rs 10500 from?

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If you haven’t done so then go to a bank near you. Collect your payment by going to the retail shop Do it in the same way for children wazaif is the Wazaif of children to the people Some have a stipend of Rs 4500 and some have Rs 10000. However, some recipients initially encountered delays in receiving these messages, despite the typical 30-minute timeframe for delivery. Nevertheless, recent observations confirm the successful dissemination of messages, prompting recipients to take necessary actions such as collecting payments from designated outlets or banks.

Details of Messages Received

A closer examination of the messages reveals specific instructions and reminders. Recipients are reminded to collect their payments promptly, especially if eligible for the Benazir Kafalat Program. Those who have not yet received their payments are advised to visit nearby banks or retail shops for payment collection. Additionally, recipients are informed about various stipends available, ranging from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 10,000, depending on individual circumstances.

Quick Details Table:

Program Name8171 Program
Messages ReceivedNumerous individuals have received messages under the program, conveying important updates.
Target AudienceBeneficiaries, especially children and Wazaif holders.
BenefitsNew benefits worth Rs. 10,500, with various stipends available.
Payment Collection ProcessNew payment collection dates are to be announced by the government on 15th 14 July 2024.
Payment CentresScheduled to open soon, with dates likely to coincide with government school holidays.
Announcement DateRecipients are advised to stay informed and promptly collect payments.
Action RequiredRecipients advised to stay informed and promptly collect payments.

Furthermore, the messages clarify the procedures for scholarship disbursement, particularly concerning children under the 8171 program.

Payment Collection Process

The process of payment collection is delineated in the messages, detailing the involvement of payment centres and retailer shops. Recipients are informed about the upcoming opening of payment centres and are encouraged to avail themselves of these facilities during the specified dates. Moreover, the messages highlight the association of payment distribution with government school holidays, suggesting that payments may coincide with these breaks. Recipients are advised to stay updated regarding payment collection dates, with the government set to announce new dates on 15th 14 July 2024.

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The centre was also open to people for some days Have you received it from the payment centre again? Will centres open from or payment from retailer shop If it will be run then let us know the payment At present the retailer Hazrat is part of the bank The retailer is under HBL Connect and the bank We will get payment under Alfalah Bank.


In conclusion, Will be able to get it out from this summer also I’m talking about holidays when it’s summer If there are holidays then they will be paid there While the new date which will be given by the government has been announced and will be available to you on 15th 14 July 2024. Those who did not recover the payment of Rs 0500 If so then they will also start meeting each other and Children whose duties have come to whom Has the message come from 8171 or such people?

Those who do not receive messages from 8171 then Retailer Hazarat also for the sake of his children Can get checked because many children Vajay has also arrived on 15th 14 July 2024. By going to the retailer Hazrat for payments.

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