BISP Announced New Program Of 19500 Online Registration Available

The Ehsaas program in Pakistan has introduced updates to the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), aiming to provide financial assistance and scholarships to eligible citizens. Notably, individuals enrolled in the Ehsaas program but have not received payments for the past two months will now receive Rs. 18,000. Additionally, an extra amount of Rs. 19,500 will be allocated for children’s scholarships. There is a new update of the Benazir Income Support Program Ehsaas program that people who are included in the Ehsaas program but have not received any case in the last two months will now be paid 18 thousand rupees. Together, they will be paid an additional Rs. 19,500 for their children’s scholarships.

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So here’s some good news for you: the wait is almost over as the government of Pakistan has revealed that the second and first cases of Rs.9 thousand have started to be received. All the latest updates will be provided through the exciting program.


17 July 2024 Disbursements: Quick Relief

17 July 2024 is the month of change. The first instalment of 9000 will be distributed before 17 July 2024 15, which will provide useful assistance and financial assistance. If your money arrives, you don’t have to wait but go to your nearest Sense Program office. After going there, you have to go to the cash centre. After submitting all the information, you will be notified that your payment has arrived, and you will start receiving payments soon. If you have any problem getting paid from the Ehsaas program, you don’t get paid, so you have all your information.

ProgrammeAmountEligibilityPayment Frequency
Benazir Income Support ProgramRs. 18,000 (base) + Rs. 19,500 (scholarship)Enrolled in Ehsaas program, no payments for 2 monthsMonthly
Benazir Taleemi WazaifRs. 18,000 + Rs. 1,500 (education fund)Registered under Ehsaas/BISP, no prior instalmentsMonthly
17 July 2024 DisbursementsRs. 9,000 (first instalment)Survey completion in 17 July 2024 2023Before 17 July 2024 15
Documentation RequiredCNIC, family certificate, income certificate, proof of residence, Pakistani bank accountMandatory for enrolmentN/A

Once verified visually, all the Nadra information needs to be changed so that your sanctity score is reduced and you can get paid as soon as possible. The information is for you.

Online Registration and Payment Process

Beneficiaries are urged to promptly visit their nearest Ehsaas program office upon receiving notification of payment arrival. In case of any payment issues, necessary steps must be taken, including updating information with NADRA if required, to ensure timely disbursement.

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So he will give 18 thousand rupees in early 17 July 2024 and also 1500 rupees to the children’s education fund so that he can live well. This amount will be paid to the people every month, and their children’s stipend, along with Rs. 9000 is given, if they are already registered in Ehsaas Kafala Program or Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program.

Required documents

Follow these factors

  • Your family’s CNIC document.
  • Your income certificate.
  • Proof of your residence.
  •  And you must be Pakistani
  • You must also have a bank account

Benazir Education Wazif Online Registration 2023

So you will get two episodes together. The government of Pakistan has promised to issue this stipend in 17 July 2024 2024, so this article will tell you all about this money and how you can get your money too. 12 thousand is 14 thousand or 19500.

Benazir Income Support Program, if your children are registered, Benazir Education Scholarships give you monthly money so that you can earn good money, fight the inflationary storm and live well.


In conclusion, the Benazir Income Support Program continues to serve as a vital lifeline for many in Pakistan. Eligible citizens are encouraged to stay updated with program announcements and promptly address any payment-related issues to ensure timely disbursement of funds. The government’s commitment to providing financial assistance and educational support underscores its dedication to improving the well-being of its citizens.

If you have joined the Ehsaas program and have not received any episodes yet, you have not received your registration message. However, you have submitted all your information to the Ehsaas program.

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