Good News: BISP New Registration Start for widow Women

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has initiated new registrations for women, presenting a significant opportunity for those yet to complete their enrollment. Priority is given to widows during registration, aiming to support them financially. This article provides comprehensive guidance for women seeking to register, ensuring a smooth process. Many women excluded by the previous government due to non-updating ID cards or financial stability issues can now complete their registration. Benazir Income Sports(BISP) has started a program, especially for Widowed women, to help them financially.

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This is a great opportunity for widowed women to complete their registration. For complete updates and procedures on registration, read this article completely. This article has complete details for you.

Registration Start for widow Women

Women previously disqualified due to ID card issues or financial instability under the previous government now have the chance to reapply. BISP’s Kafalat program, specifically designed for women, aims to provide financial assistance, particularly for widows. The registration process is streamlined, offering ease and accessibility.

Quick Details Table

Registration StartBISP reopens registration, prioritizing women, particularly widows.
Required DocumentsNational ID, Death Certificate (for widows), SIM Card, Utility Bills, etc.
Instructions for WidowsGuidance provided for widows, emphasizing the need for a husband’s death cert
Checking EligibilityEligibility check via SMS (ID card number to 8171)
Receiving PaymentsPayments collected from designated centers upon SMS notification
ConclusionBISP registration offers crucial financial support; comprehensive guidance

Required Documents

For successful registration, certain documents are imperative:

  • National Identity Card
  • Death Certificate (for widows)
  • Registered SIM Card
  • Household Utility Bill
  • Children’s Bay Form (Computerized Rice Copy)
  • Disability Certificate (for disabled women)
  • Evidence of Perceived Income

Instructions for Widows

Widows, facing financial hardships, are encouraged to register at their nearest BISP Tehsil office. The process necessitates a husband’s death certificate. For those lacking this document, guidance is provided to obtain it from Nadra. Widows are also eligible for additional BISP programs upon registration completion.

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Women who do not have their husbands’ date certificates should go to their nearest NADRA office and get their husbands’ date certificates as soon as possible. NADRA will cancel the husband’s ID card after issuing the death certificate. After that, women will submit their husband’s death certificates to the BISP office while completing their registration. Apart from this, widows will also be registered under other BISP programs on completion of registration. Which includes the ration program, development program and so on.

Checking Eligibility and Receiving Payments

For women who have completed registration and want to know about their eligibility, this article has complete details. Women can check their eligibility a few days after completing the registration. To check their eligibility, women can get complete information about their eligibility by entering their ID card number and sending an SMS 8171. While sending SMS to women, they should make sure that the number they are sending SMS to is registered in their name.

After completing the registration, if the women are declared eligible, they can receive their money. To get the money, as soon as the money SMS is received, women can go to their nearest POS retailer or BISP payment centres to get the money. To receive the money, women must show the SMS received from 8171 and their ID card.


BISP’s reopening of registration offers a lifeline to women seeking financial assistance. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the registration process, eligibility checks, and payment procedures. For further inquiries or assistance, readers are encouraged to engage through the comment section.

BISP registration doors open again for women. Women who have not yet completed their registration can complete their registration. This article contains a complete guide for such women, by which they can complete the registration process. In addition, in this article, women are informed about the methods of receiving money and their ability. Apart from this, if you have any questions or want to get information, you can ask your questions in the comment section.

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