BISP payment 10500 received | Neghaban Ramzan Program 25000 14 July 2024

In a bid to support the impoverished populace during the holy month of Ramadan, Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, the Minister for Punjab, has launched the “Nigehban Ramadan Program.” This initiative aims to offer essential aid to the underprivileged, instilling hope and assistance where it’s most needed.

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The Gift Hamper Package

Under this program, a crucial aspect is the provision of a “Gift Hamper Package,” tailored to assist individuals and families with a Gurbat score of 32 or less. This package ensures beneficiaries receive vital supplies, enabling them to observe Ramadan with dignity.

Ration Subsidy Program

Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Shabbas Sharif has also announced a ration subsidy program to complement the efforts of the Nigehban Ramadan Program. This subsidy, facilitated through utility stores, ensures accessibility for eligible individuals across the region.

Availing Benefits

The process for individuals to avail of these benefits is streamlined. Eligible candidates can apply through the designated portal and furnish necessary documentation. Upon approval, they can collect subsidized goods from utility stores, ensuring access to essential items throughout Ramadan.

Financial Assistance

Qualifying individuals can also benefit from a cash grant of ₹1,000,000, providing further financial assistance during these challenging times. This grant, coupled with the gift hamper package and ration subsidy, aims to ease the burden on vulnerable households, facilitating a more comfortable Ramadan celebration.

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Broader Support Efforts

These initiatives are part of a larger endeavor to support those in need nationwide. By offering essential aid and financial support, the government seeks to uplift communities and ensure inclusivity, leaving no one behind.

Program ComponentDetails
Gift Hamper PackageAid for individuals and families in need
Ration Subsidy ProgramSubsidized essential supplies through utility stores
Availing BenefitsApplication process through designated portal
Financial AssistanceCash grant of ₹1,000,000 for qualifying individuals
Broader Support EffortsNationwide initiatives for inclusive assistance


The Nigehban Ramadan Program and associated initiatives signify a significant stride towards addressing the needs of the less fortunate. Through coordinated efforts and targeted assistance, a more inclusive and compassionate society is envisioned for all.