CM Ramzan Package 20500: Latest Update

Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz initiated the Ramzan Package 20500 aimed at providing relief to deserving and impoverished families during Ramadan. The package is part of the Ramadan Relief Program, catering to those in need. To avail of this assistance, eligible individuals need to undergo a verification process facilitated by the Punjab government through designated BISP Tehsil Offices. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has launched Ramadan package 20500. This Ramadan relief package is given to deserving and poor families who benefit from the Ramadan Relief Program. If these people want to get Ramadan package 20500 again, do your verification as soon as possible. For which the Punjab Government has established a BISP Tehsil Office.

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Where you can get your verification and get 20500 relief money under the Ramadan relief package. How you can register in your Ramadan Relief Package 20500 and who is eligible for all this information is provided to you in this article. If you have registered for the Ramadan aid package, you must get your confirmation to receive this amount, which is provided under the procedure.

CM Ramzan Package 20500

To initiate the verification process for the Ramadan Package 20500, individuals must visit the BISP Tehsil Office. Upon arrival, they need to present their national identity card at the verification desk.

Quick Details:

Package NameCM Ramzan Package 20500
InitiatorChief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz
PurposeProviding relief to deserving families during Ramadan
Verification ProcessVisit BISP Tehsil Office, undergo thumb verification
Registration StepsLocate office, inform representative, fill form, undergo verification
Eligibility CheckVisit Utility Store website, enter ID number, complete CAPTCHA, check eligibility
Resumption of RegistrationEligible individuals can register at BISP Tehsil Offices
Relief Amount20500 PKR
Relief CollectionFrom designated HBL E-connect Shops
ImportanceProvides essential support to impoverished families during Ramadan

The representative will proceed with thumb verification and provide a verification form for completion. Once verified, individuals can collect their relief money from nearby HBL E-connect shops.

Ramazan Relief Package Registration Procedure

The registration procedure for the Ramadan Package involves several steps:

  1. Locate BISP Tehsil Office: Find the nearest BISP Tehsil Office and visit.
  2. Inform Representative: Notify the representative about your intent to register for the CM Ramadan Relief Package.
  3. Fill Registration Form: Complete the registration form provided by the representative.
  4. Thumb Verification: Undergo thumb verification at the office and obtain a slip confirming registration.
  5. Verification Process: Eligible registrants will receive an SMS notification for verification. After verification, relief can be collected from designated HBL E-connect Shops.

Checking Eligibility for Ramzan Package 20500

Suppose you know your eligibility for Ramadan Relief Package 20500. In this case, the Ramzan Subsidy Portal has been introduced by the Punjab Government. Through this, you can get information about your eligibility and grant amount. To check eligibility for the Ramzan Package 20500, individuals can utilize the Ramadan subsidy portal introduced by the Punjab Government:

  1. Visit Utility Store Website: Access the Utility Store website and navigate to the Ramadan subsidy web portal.
  2. Enter ID Number: Input the 13-digit national ID card number.
  3. CAPTCHA Verification: Complete the CAPTCHA image verification.
  4. Check Eligibility: Click the Check button to receive details about eligibility and relief money entitlement.


To access the 20500 relief money provided under the Ramadan Relief Package, individuals must complete the verification process at the designated office. Additionally, it’s crucial to note that registration for the Maryam Nawaz Ramadan relief package has resumed in Punjab. Eligible individuals who didn’t receive aid from previous relief packages should promptly visit BISP Tehsil Offices to avail themselves of the assistance. If you want to receive 20,500 assistance under the Ramadan Relief Package, get your confirmation from the designated verification desk at the Benazir Income Support Program office.

And if you qualify, get relief from the nearest HBLE connector outlet. Apart from this, you are aware that the government has restored the registration of Maryam Nawaz in the Ramadan relief package by Punjab. Ineligible persons who have not received assistance from the Naghban Ramadan Relief Package.

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