Ehsaas 8171 New Online Registration Start Through Form

Government of Pakistan has started giving 25000 rupees to 8171 Ehsaas program. Women who have already completed their registration and are eligible now receive their payments regularly. If you are also from a poor family and you have not yet completed your registration, then complete your registration in Ehsaas program as soon as possible so that you can get the amount of assistance.

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The Pakistani government has propelled the 8171 Ehsaas Program, advertising money related help of Rs. 25,000 to qualified ladies. If you come from a low-income family and haven’t enlisted however, total your enrollment instantly to advantage from this program. This article gives a nitty gritty direct on how to enroll and qualify for the money related help advertised by the Ehsaas Program.

New Online Registration Process

The Ehsaas Program has simplified the registration process by allowing women to complete their registration online from the comfort of their homes. Here’s how you can register:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Access the official Ehsaas 8171 website.
  2. Fill Out the Registration Form: Enter your ID card number in the provided form.
  3. Verification Code: A four-digit code will appear on the screen. Enter this code in the designated box.
  4. Submit the Form: Click the check button to submit your form.

When you click the check button, the form will be submitted for your registration. As soon as the form is submitted, if you are eligible for a grant of Rs 25,000, you will see an eligibility confirmation message on your screen.

8171 Sense Program 25000 BISP qualification

Currently, a new registration process is underway under the Ehsaas program. Assume that you wish to complete your registration in this program and verify your eligibility before completing the registration. So here I am going to give details about eligibility criteria set by Ehsaas program. After reading the eligibility criteria provided below, you can guess whether you will be part of the program after completing the registration.

  • The poverty score of the applicant’s family must be below 32 according to the thresholds set by the Ehsaas program.
  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Pakistan.
  • Applicant must have a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by NADRA.
  • BISP’s priority is given to women leaders, i.e. women who support their families.
  • Current government employees and their families are not eligible for this program, except for Level 1 through 4 employees.
  • People who have moved abroad or are living abroad with their families are not eligible for the program.

8171 Registration Latest Updates by SMS Services 

Most people who want to receive financial aid after completing enrollment in the EHSAS program are less educated. Due to low literacy, such people cannot complete their registration online. But now looking at the problems of these people, SMS service has been restored for them by Ehsaas program.

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Now, those who cannot follow the online registration method to complete their registration, can complete their registration at home through SMS service. Within this procedure, those who meet the eligibility criteria must enter their ID card number and send an SMS to 8171.


What is the Ehsaas Program 25000?

The Ehsaas Program 25000 is a financial aid initiative by the Pakistani government, providing Rs. 25,000 to eligible women to support poor families.

How can I register for the Ehsaas Program?

You can register online through the Ehsaas 8171 website or via SMS by sending your CNIC number to 8171.

Who is eligible for the Ehsaas Program 25000?

Eligibility includes having a family poverty score below 32, being a permanent resident of Pakistan, possessing a CNIC, and priority is given to women heads of households.

Where can I collect my payment?

Eligible women can collect their payment from the nearest BISP payment center.

Can government employees apply for the program?

Current government employees and their families are generally ineligible, except for those in Grade 1 to 4.

Is there any support for those who can’t register online?

Yes, the Ehsaas program has reintroduced SMS registration for those who find online registration challenging.


The decision to relaunch the Ehsaas program with 25,000 new registrations is a good move. With this initiative, not only the poor and deserving families will be financially assisted after completing the registration, but their basic needs will also be met. In this article, a complete guide has been provided to such persons to complete the registration, following which such persons will be part of this program. If anyone needs more information about this or has any question about it, they can ask in the comment section.

The reintroduction of the Ehsaas Program with 25,000 unused enrollments is a noteworthy activity by the Pakistani government to back low-income families. By taking after the enlistment steps given, qualified people can secure money related help to meet their basic needs. For advance data or inquiries, feel free to inquire in the comment area below.

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