Good News: 17000 Ehsaas Aghosh Program Payment Start Again 22 July 2024

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program, a significant initiative in Punjab, Pakistan, aims to provide financial assistance to women for their young children, focusing on early pregnancy support and infant healthcare. The Ehsaas Aghosh Program is a vital initiative aimed at supporting women with financial assistance for their young children. This program focuses on providing monetary aid to mothers during early pregnancy and ensuring access to healthcare and vaccinations for infants.

This guide provides detailed information on eligibility criteria and the payment process for participants.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program

Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Aghosh Program

To be eligible for the Ehsaas Aghosh Program, women must have children who are still in their early years, typically from birth to two or three years of age. The program aims to assist economically disadvantaged families in raising their children by offering financial support. The program targets economically disadvantaged families with children aged from birth to two or three years. It aims to offer financial aid to support child-rearing.

Quick Details Table

Program NameEhsaas Aghosh Program
LocationPunjab, Pakistan
Target BeneficiariesEconomically disadvantaged families
Child Age RangeBirth to two or three years
FocusFinancial assistance, healthcare, vaccinations
ImplementationBenazir Income Support Program (BISP)
EligibilityMothers with young children
RegistrationVisit Benazir Income Support Program office
Payment ProcessInitiate through program agent
Payment UpdateResumed in 2024

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Mothers who have already received payments are encouraged to continue the process to receive subsequent instalments.

Payment Process

Contacting the Agent:

To initiate the payment process, eligible participants should reach out to their nearest program agent. The agents, associated with the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), will guide mothers on the necessary steps to receive their payments.

Benazir Income Support Program Office:

For those who haven’t registered or received payments before, the first step is to visit the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office. There, mothers can enrol their children in the Ehsaas Aghosh Program to start receiving financial assistance.

Registration Process:

During the registration process, mothers are required to provide accurate information. This includes details about their children and the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth registration process.

Checking Eligibility:

After registration, participants need to check their eligibility status. There is no specific portal mentioned for this purpose, but participants may receive a confirmation message on their mobile phones regarding their eligibility.

Payment Update 2024:

The program undergoes periodic updates, and as of 2024, the payment process has recommenced. Mothers who have already received payments can continue to do so, while new participants are encouraged to register promptly.


The Ehsaas Aghosh Program is a commendable initiative by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan, to support mothers and their young children. Access to healthcare, vaccinations, and financial aid are fundamental rights, and this program aims to ensure that even economically disadvantaged families can provide a good upbringing for their children.

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program, initiated by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan, aims to support mothers and their young children by providing essential financial aid, healthcare, and vaccinations. Eligible participants can navigate the registration and payment process effectively to avail themselves of this beneficial program. By following the outlined steps, eligible participants can navigate the registration and payment process seamlessly, thereby benefiting from the program’s support.