Gift Hamper Muft Atta Getting Procedure 17 July 2024

In a significant move, the Pakistani government has announced a revolutionary Ramadan assistance package amounting to Rs 22 billion 50 crores, demonstrating a firm commitment to bolstering social welfare.

Financial Aid Provision:

Under this initiative, the government is providing direct cash assistance to citizens, with eligible recipients able to receive up to Rs 5000 to alleviate financial burdens during Ramadan.

Streamlined Registration Process:

To ensure seamless access to benefits, the government has introduced a simplified registration process, urging citizens to engage proactively to avail themselves of the assistance provided while warning against fraudulent practices.

Transparency and Accountability:

The government pledges transparency and accountability in aid distribution, addressing concerns raised by opposition factions through rigorous oversight and scrutiny to foster trust among the populace.

Comprehensive Aid Package:

The Ramadan relief package includes essential food items like flour, rice, sugar, pulses, and gram flour, aiming to ease the burden on low-income families and enable them to observe Ramadan with dignity.

Efficient Distribution Channels:

Dedicated centres have been established for aid collection, with the Utility Store Corporation launching a user-friendly portal to streamline the application process and ensure accessibility for all.

Eligibility Criteria and Registration Avenues:

Assessment for assistance eligibility considers factors such as income level and household composition, with various registration avenues available, including online registration, biometric verification, and door-to-door surveys.

Quick Details:

Aid AmountRs 22 billion 50 crores
Cash AssistanceUp to Rs 5000
Registration ProcessStreamlined and simplified
Fraud PreventionStern warning against misrepresentation
Transparency MeasuresRigorous oversight and scrutiny
Food Items in Aid PackageFlour, rice, sugar, pulses, gram flour
Distribution ChannelsDedicated centres and online portal
Eligibility Assessment CriteriaIncome level, household composition
Registration AvenuesOnline, biometric verification, door-to-door


Pakistan’s Ramadan assistance programme showcases a commendable effort to address socio-economic disparities, promoting inclusivity and solidarity during this sacred month. Citizens are encouraged to actively participate, contributing to the collective welfare of society.