Good News: 8,000 Announced for People with Disabilities 14 July 2024

In Pakistan, the government has initiated a monthly scholarship programme offering Rs. 7,000 to individuals with disabilities. This programme aims to provide financial assistance to those in need. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to register for the Disabled Person Program for those interested in availing of the benefits. 7000 rupees monthly scholarship Make a confusion card from the social welfare office. All persons with disabilities must have an identity card. Write them HQ in the message and place it, then send your ID card number and send it to 8123 after confirmation. Check the identity card of a disabled friend.

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Registration of people has started all over Pakistan. They will be paid Rs. 7000 per month Government of Pakistan organizes this scholarship. The government of Pakistan will give relief to them in exchange for Rs. This will be given monthly as a grant if any of your suspects want to join the program.

Registration Process

Registration for the scholarship has commenced nationwide. The Government of Pakistan administers these scholarships, offering Rs. 7,000 monthly to eligible recipients. To register, individuals need to follow a simple SMS-based process.

  1. SMS Registration: Send your ID card number to 8123 after typing “HQ” in the message.
  2. Verification: Check the disability status of the registered person. If their ID card bears a wheelchair symbol, send the ID number to 8123.

One Who is disabled. If he is eligible to enrol, you can check your eligibility after registration if someone in your family with a disability is enrolled in the program. Registration of persons with disabilities has started. The program will only include those with disabilities and will be paid monthly.

How to register for the Passive Program 2024

If you want to check your eligibility whether you are disabled and whether you are registered or not you are told here that you must complete these procedures for registration. By following this method you can also check your eligibility. For more information and details you enter your complete information at home, and you get complete information.

  • First of all, you need to register yourself in the disabled person program using the SMS service.
  • After confirmation, write and place HQ in the message, then send your ID card number and send it to 8123.
  • Check out the Identity Card of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Send the ID card number to 8123 if there is a wheelchair sign

Inactive Person Program

This program is designed for people who have disabilities, who are disabled, and whose ID card is made up of fields, who will be included in the program. They will be paid Rs 7,000 per month. Since they want to register for this program, they want to get payment details after registration.

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Other information is also available. You will be told that your session has been processed. And how much money you have can get full information from where you joined the program and want to get your money. The registration process is very easy and it registers people.

Quick Details Table:

Programme NameMonthly Rs 7,000 Scholarship for Disabled Persons
EligibilityIndividuals with disabilities across Pakistan
BenefitRs. 7,000 per month
Registration MethodCheck for a wheelchair mark on ID card
Registration ConfirmationID card number to 8123 after typing HQ
Eligibility VerificationCheck for a wheelchair mark on the ID card
Programme Inclusion CriteriaIndividuals with disability ID cards
Additional SupportInformation available for registration assistance
Programme Accessibility and ConvenienceRegistration can be done from home


In conclusion, the introduction of the monthly Rs 7,000 scholarship programme for disabled individuals in Pakistan signifies a significant step towards inclusive welfare initiatives. By simplifying the registration process through SMS-based procedures, the government aims to ensure accessibility for all eligible recipients.

The programme not only provides crucial financial assistance but also empowers disabled individuals to participate more fully in society. Overall, the implementation of this scholarship programme reflects a commendable effort towards building a more inclusive and supportive society for people with disabilities in Pakistan.

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