Good News: 8000 Eid Relief Packages in Pakistan Starts Again 22 July 2024

The Ehsaas 12500 Eid program for the entire nation was launched under the leadership of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. This program brings hope and relief, especially to the people of Balochistan who will get 2000 extra cash immediately from the Shahbaz Government of Pakistan this Ramadan. The instalment of this Ramadan relief package before Eid-ul-Fitr will be Rs. 12500. It is worth mentioning that similar assistance has been started for other provinces as well.

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The Ehsaas 12500 Eid program stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens, especially during challenging times like Ramadan. By providing targeted assistance and support, the initiative aims to ease the financial burden of vulnerable people and enable them to celebrate Eid with dignity.

8,000 Eid Relief Packages

8,000 Eid relief packages play a crucial role in assisting underprivileged families in celebrating Eid across Pakistan. These packages primarily consist of financial aid and ration distribution, aimed at alleviating economic burdens during festive seasons.

Financial Assistance Programs

The government of Pakistan has established various financial assistance programs to aid eligible individuals and families:

  1. Ehsaas 12500 Eid Program: This initiative provides Rs. 12,500 to qualifying beneficiaries to facilitate their Eid celebrations.

Ration Distribution Initiatives

In addition to financial aid, some relief programs focus on distributing essential food items:

  1. Punjab Ramazan Nigehban Relief Package: Through this program, doorstep delivery of ration packs containing crucial food items is conducted, ensuring accessibility for those in need.

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Updates

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) serves as a vital support system for disadvantaged communities in Pakistan. Recent updates regarding the program’s instalment disbursement and aid distribution include:

  • Quarterly Installment: 22 July 2024’s quarterly instalment has been disbursed to approximately 50 lakh families. However, some eligible beneficiaries are yet to receive payments or notifications regarding their eligibility.
  • Double Payments: Certain regions, including KP, Sindh, and Balochistan, have witnessed double cash payments for eligible BISP beneficiaries.

BISP Double Payment and Eid Relief

Apart from the regular BISP instalments, additional financial support is being provided to eligible individuals:

  • Cash Eid Packages: Under the Ramadan relief package, cash Eid packages are being disbursed, with beneficiaries in Punjab receiving additional cash benefits. Families in Sindh, Balochistan, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Islamabad, and Gilgit are entitled to a Rs. 2,000 cash program, provided they meet BISP eligibility criteria.
  • Provincial Initiatives: Regional governments have also launched aid programs. For instance, Sindh’s government initiated a Rs. 5,000 cash program for eligible BISP beneficiaries.
  • Eid Package Distribution: The disbursement of Eid packages, including a Rs. 2,500 aid, is scheduled to commence the following Monday.

Ehsaas Eid Cash Program Registration

While there’s confusion surrounding the Ehsaas program and Eid cash handouts, it’s essential to seek reliable information through official channels:

  • Ehsaas Program: Ongoing initiatives like the Ehsaas program might offer recent disbursements, such as the mentioned Rs. 10,500 aid. Eligibility checks can typically be done through the official Ehsaas program website or helpline.
  • Eid Cash Handouts: Specific details regarding the Ehsaas Eid Cash Program registration for 2024 are unclear. To verify information, individuals are advised to consult official sources such as the Ehsaas program website or reputable news outlets.

Finding Reliable Information

To ensure accurate updates and avoid misinformation, individuals can follow these steps:

  1. Check Official Websites: Visit the official Ehsaas program website for updates and eligibility criteria.
  2. Verify through Reputable Sources: Rely on news from trusted Pakistani news outlets to stay informed about relief programs.
  3. Contact Helplines: For clarification or inquiries, individuals can reach out to the Ehsaas program helpline for assistance.

Quick Details Table

ProgramType of AssistanceEligibilityAmount
Ehsaas 12500 Eid ProgramFinancial AidEligible individuals and familiesRs. 12,500
Punjab Ramazan Nigehban Relief PackageRation DistributionQualifying beneficiariesEssential food items
BISP InstallmentsFinancial SupportRegistered familiesVariable amounts
Cash Eid PackagesFinancial AidBISP-eligible individualsRs. 2,000 (certain regions), Rs. 2,500 (Eid package)
Provincial InitiativesFinancial AssistanceBISP-eligible individualsVaries by province
Ehsaas ProgramSocial AssistanceEligible applicantsVariable amounts


In conclusion, the Eid relief packages and updates regarding the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) underscore the importance of governmental and organizational efforts to alleviate economic burdens and support underprivileged families, especially during festive seasons like Eid. These initiatives, including financial assistance programs and ration distributions, play a crucial role in ensuring that vulnerable communities have access to essential resources.

The recent updates regarding BISP instalments and double payments highlight the government’s commitment to providing timely support to eligible beneficiaries. Additionally, the introduction of cash Eid packages and provincial aid initiatives further demonstrates concerted efforts to address the diverse needs of communities across Pakistan.

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