Good News: BISP Program 8171 Survey Starts For Ineligible 11 July 2024

BISP Program 8171 Survey If you wish to enrol yourself in the BISP program, you will be notified here. How you can register yourself How you can register in the BISP program. All the information will be given to you in this article. You can do your registration easily by reading this article. So you don’t need to go anywhere you will read in this article how you can use the 8171 web portal. All information about how to register will be given to you via SMS to 8171. How you can register online by doing survey 8171.

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In Pakistan, the BISP Program 8171 offers a vital support system for vulnerable households. To enrol in this program, individuals must undergo a registration process, facilitated through various channels such as online platforms and SMS services.

Online Registration through 8171 Surveys

Those who have previously participated in the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) survey conducted by the BISP team are eligible for online registration. If you’ve completed the survey, you can register from the comfort of your home. Simply follow the outlined procedures to finalize your enrollment. However, if you haven’t participated in the survey, it’s imperative to do so promptly to avail yourself of this opportunity.

As you know when the BISP program NSER was conducted, a group of BISP programs came to your house. And what did your survey estimate of poor households in Pakistan? Poor people who have completed their survey can register themselves online.

Registration From Home

And sitting at home they can confirm their registration. Those who have not completed their survey should visit the nearest BISP program office to complete their survey. Please note that only those who have completed the survey can register online.

You are given procedures if you have completed your survey that you can follow to complete your registration. So if you haven’t taken the survey then you should do yours soon.

Utilizing the 8171 Web Portal

How to use the 8171 web portal is explained here. How you can complete your registration using the 8171 web portal. You may remember that we have already discussed above that only those who have been surveyed can register online.

So you have to open this portal, inside this portal, you have to enter your National Identification Number first. When you enter your National Identity Card number, you will be given the image code below. Inside this image code, some numbers are written.

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SMS Registration via 8171

After looking at the numbers you have to look carefully at the number, next to it there is another box and you have to write that number in it. Then, if you click on the option below, you will be notified that you are eligible for this program. And you can do your registration and you have done your survey. 8171 If you want to do your registration through SMS, you will be notified here. How to register by sending an SMS to 8171 So first you have to open the message box on your mobile, you have to open the message box on your mobile.

After opening, you should go to the new message, go there, and write 8171 in the new message, below where the message is written. You have to write your national identity card number there and you don’t need to write any additional message. All you have to do is enter your National Identity Card number and send it.

Quick Details

ChannelRegistration Process
Online (8171 Surveys)Enter your National Identification Number for eligibility.
8171 Web PortalEnter National Identification Number for eligibility.
SMS (8171)Send National Identity Card number for eligibility check.
Program WebsiteAccess comprehensive information post-registration.

Accessing Program Information

You will be notified immediately after the screening if you are eligible for the program. If you are eligible then you can register yourself and get help from the BISP program by being a part of this program.

And you are told all the information on this website after you confirm your registration. If you are eligible for this program, you are fully supported on how to complete your registration. If you qualify, how do you qualify?


In conclusion, the BISP Program 8171 offers accessible avenues for registration, catering to the diverse needs of vulnerable households in Pakistan. Through online platforms, SMS services, and the program’s website, individuals can efficiently enrol and access vital support. By utilising these channels, eligible participants can navigate registration procedures with ease, ensuring equitable access to essential socio-economic assistance.

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