Good News: CM Bike Scheme Online Apply Has Now Started

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has initiated the CM Bike Scheme to provide electric bikes, facilitating transportation for students. This scheme aims to assist deserving students in acquiring bikes through an easy and interest-free loan process. CM Bike Scheme Launched Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has launched Electric Bike, the registration method under this scheme will be explained, and how you can check your eligibility in this program, complete information will be given here. . For those students and students who want to buy a motorcycle for themselves, in the article they are given all the information to know the procedure to get a motorcycle up to 10 thousand per month. Under this scheme, 20,000 motorcycles, 19,000 of which run on petrol and 1000 of which are never children, will be given to the students of Punjab to facilitate their education.

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Eligible students will be enrolled in this program and they will be given bicycles in the program. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s insistence on inclusion is that those students who want to use a bicycle for transportation can only pay for it and then they can be assured of a bicycle with an easy and interest-free loan.

CM Bike Scheme Online Apply

Under the scheme, 20,000 motorcycles have been allocated, with 19,000 running on petrol and 1,000 electric bikes reserved for students. Allocation prioritizes deserving students who require bikes for transportation.

Quick Details Table

Scheme NameCM Bike Scheme
InitiatorChief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz
ObjectiveProvide electric bikes to deserving students
Total Bikes20,000 (19,000 petrol, 1,000 electric for students)
RegistrationOnline or through designated offices/banks
Payment StructureInitial: Rs. 10,000, Remaining: Rs. 5,000
Electric Bike PlanUrban: 50-50 distribution, Rural: 70-30 (boys/girls)

Registration Process Students interested in the scheme can register conveniently from home. The registration involves filling out a form with accurate information. Once submitted, the documents undergo verification, and upon approval, the registration process commences.

Online Registration

Registration can be done online, streamlining the process for applicants. Additionally, an alternative method allows registration at designated offices or banks, ensuring accessibility for all. Bank of Punjab Registration The distribution process involves the Bank of Punjab, with registration and approval facilitated through this financial institution. Applicants are required to pay an initial fee, followed by a subsequent payment to complete the process.

Bike Scheme Monthly Installments

Number of Motorbikes20,000 electric motorcycles
Monthly Installment for E-BikeBelow Rs5,000
Down PaymentRs25,000
Distribution MethodThrough a draw in 11 July 2024 2024

Electric Bike Scheme In urban areas, 50% of electric bikes will be allocated to boys and girls each, while in rural areas, 70% will go to boys and 30% to girls. This scheme aims to bridge the transportation gap, especially in rural regions.

Registration of the Electric Bicycle Scheme

There have been many changes in this program. The program will distribute electric bicycles to 50% of boys and 50% of girls in urban areas. In rural areas, 70% of bicycles will go to boys and 30% to girls. You can contact us with any bank if you have any problems. To solve your problem regarding the CM Punjab BIke Scheme, all information will be provided here. For registration, you can visit your nearest Bank of Punjab or you can also choose online registration which is started online immediately. Through the form, you will provide your ID card number, phone number, and complete details of your home. If you are a student, this scheme is for students.

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The name of the institution will be entered in full, after which you will be told that your information has been entered and you will soon be informed that you are eligible for a loan under the motorcycle scheme. You can apply and if you are eligible you can get a motorcycle through the scheme


In conclusion, the CM Bike Scheme introduced by Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, stands as a commendable initiative aimed at providing accessible transportation solutions to deserving students. With its streamlined registration process, transparent allocation system, and inclusion of electric bikes, the scheme promises to significantly benefit students across Punjab. By facilitating easy access to motorcycles through interest-free loans, the programme not only enhances mobility but also empowers students to pursue their educational aspirations with greater ease.

As Punjab progresses towards a more inclusive and sustainable future, initiatives like the CM Bike Scheme play a vital role in ensuring equitable opportunities for all.

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