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In Pakistan, the 8070 Free Free Atta aims to provide essential rations to eligible families. However, ensuring eligibility for this program has posed challenges, especially for those with outdated ID cards. This article outlines the steps to confirm eligibility and register for the scheme efficiently. This article will tell you how you can ensure your eligibility. You can be sure that your registration will take less of your time. If you read this article in detail, you will be told how you can register yourself for this program.

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You are provided with all the information on this website so that you can easily confirm your registration. You can check your eligibility and confirm your eligibility. By participating in this program, you can easily get the assistance provided by the Government of Pakistan. You have been given a guardian program portal. You can easily verify your registration using this information. Because there are many such families in Pakistan.

Free Atta and 5,000 Cash From Maryam Nawaz Program

As in the Neghaban program, you go to buy rations. Or Naghaban program staff come to your home. So the Naghaban program staff has an application they are looking at. Whether you qualify for this program or not, they scan your ID card number. However, this method is somewhat limited. Because many families in Pakistan and Punjab have not yet renewed their identity cards. They have old ID cards because now smart cards have come.

Quick Details:

Scheme Name8070 Free Grant Scheme
Main ObjectiveProviding essential rations to eligible families in Pakistan
Eligibility Verification MethodsQR code scanning system and web portal
How to Verify EligibilityPresent old ID card with barcode to Caregiver program staff or use the 8070 Atta Scheme web portal
BenefitsAccess to government-provided ration packs

The app was also created while being modernized, so the systems in the app were also given modernity. A QR code scanning system is provided. A Barcode scanning system is not provided. The system has been updated. Now you can get your ration through a bar code. Read more below on how those with old ID cards can get a ration.

Card Barcode Troubleshooting

People who have ID cards are very old, as now in modern times ID cards are smart cards. The QR code is also mentioned above. Through this, identifying a person becomes very easy. So how can people with smart cards check their eligibility? This article will tell you how you can check your eligibility. You will now be directed to the Caregiver program staff.

There you will give your ID card, which is your old ID card with a bar code. From there your ID card number will be sent to 8070. When you send 8070 a code will be sent to your mobile number. You should see that code and get the hang of it, your main problem is solved. Moreover, if you want to use the portal their portal is also mentioned.

8070 Free Atta Online Registration

If you want to check your eligibility using the 8070 Atta Scheme web portal, the same portal has also been introduced. How you can use this portal Using the 8070 scheme portal is very easy by opening your Google Chrome. Or whatever browser you are using you will open it and type 8070 scheme web portal. When you enter the web portal, a page will appear in front of you.

You will be asked to enter your National Identity Card number here. When you enter your National Identity Card number, you must enter your National Identity Card number there. So when you click on the find option click the find below option. You will then be notified that you are eligible for this program. And you can get three packs of ration given by the Pakistan government.


In conclusion, ensuring eligibility for the 8070 Free Grant Scheme has been made more accessible through innovative solutions such as QR code scanning and web portals. By following the outlined steps, eligible individuals can efficiently confirm their eligibility and access the support provided by the Government of Pakistan. This information aims to assist families in need and streamline the registration process for the scheme.

accessing funds through the Benazir Income Support Program is a straightforward process when approached with the right knowledge. By familiarising yourself with the steps outlined above, you can confidently navigate through the system and access the financial assistance you deserve.

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