Good News: Gov Announced Free Ration Before Eid ul-Adha 2024

The Rashan Program 2024 brings hope and relief to those needing assistance. Under this program, free Rashan orders are being issued to eligible individuals. Even those not covered under the Ehsaas Rashan program are ensured monthly Rashan support, provided they update their details for eligibility. Here’s a comprehensive guide on enrolling and benefiting from the Rashan Program. The ration program is big news for the people receiving ration assistance and it has been decided to give free ration to those included in the ration program. Free assistance is guaranteed. You must update all your information to receive the free ration. The waiting list has ended for you to register with a low poverty score. The registration process for the non-ration program has reopened.

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It is also necessary to be aware of other important information. If you are related to a close family and you have not yet completed your registration, you want to complete your registration, you can complete your registration at home. Also without any problem, if any member of your family needs to register in this program then they can easily register in the program.

Complete Enrollment in Free Ration

Those who have completed registration are waiting for the time when people will receive full payment for the ration program. Or you can get free rations at home. Note that eligibility registration to complete the upgrade will only be completed after you meet the criteria issued by the ration program. The government of Pakistan has considered the poor people who will be paid after meeting the criteria. You can complete your registration by going to the service centre near your city.

Quick Details Table

Program NameRashan Program 2024
Assistance TypeFree Rashan Orders
EligibilityPoverty Score < 30%
No Bank Loans
No Criminal Record
Monthly Salary < 30,000 paisa
Required DocumentsCNIC Number
Registered Phone Number
Complete Home Address
Monthly Income Certificate
Widow Women Husband Death Certificate
How to Obtain RashanVisit Nearest Service Center
Provide Necessary Details
Verify Eligibility
Final WordsEasy Access to Essential Assistance
Streamlined Enrollment Process
Aimed at Alleviating Poverty

After going to the e-service centre, you must give your ID card number to the representative there, after which the representative will verify your eligibility through your ID number. Once your NSER survey is completed and you meet the eligibility criteria, you are immediately enrolled in the Ehsaas Ration Program and you are assured of a free ration.

Eligibility criteria For Free Ration

Ehsaas Ration Program has set the eligibility criteria if you meet the alien criteria then you will be included in the program and you will also be given a ration. Some simple steps are provided

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  • In this article, you are also called eligibility criteria, what are eligibility criteria
  • You should score below 30% approx
  • You have not taken a loan from any bank
  • You have not traveled abroad and you have no criminal record
  • Not involved in any business
  • If you are not doing any government job, your monthly salary should be less than 30 thousand pesos


The procedure to get a ration is explained to you in this article people who want to get all the information about ration want to get a ration but they don’t have information so they can get help with ration sitting at home. The procedure for getting ration is given here so that you don’t need to go anywhere else and you can get ration assistance at home.

If you follow a few easy steps you will be notified that you have successfully received the ration and you will get all the information by following a few easy steps. If any person in the op-ration family wants to join this program, then they should read this article carefully, after reading this article carefully they can easily join the op-ration program and be eligible for ration. Getting ration has become very easy

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