Good News: Gov Facilitate People To Check 23000 By CNIC

Such families that were not approved for BISP and Ehsaas Program and those who have not received their money to date Going to tell you the update. The very good news through which they can be accessed without registration the government’s program implemented as a result. What could be the corresponding method? Will there be online registration or will you have to register on 8171 you will have to apply again this time. I am going to warn you about the news like this, The families and households that nigheban ration Eid cash program apart from program Eid passed. But They haven’t received the cash yet from their account also going to tell the good news about another program I have lived in and such families and families which getting the survey done by the government has not been resolved i.e.

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Dynamic Survey Got the survey done and came to the portal, right? If you are not Ahal then it is like this, How are households included in the government’s program? Complete will be included Here, I am going to warn you about the update. View like this families and households which are also Ahal but go to collect payment and tell them. It turns out that your account has been coded Or if your letters don’t come like this then they should be empty.

Check 23000 By CNIC

Have to return hands from retailer shop And also have to face disappointment On the other hand, the biggest update is also from this thing. Deliverance is going to be achieved even on this going to warn with a full update.

Quick Details Table

Ration DistributionSome families eligible for the program have yet to receive benefits; efforts are underway to address this issue.
Eid Cash AssistanceDespite Eid passing, eligible households are still awaiting cash assistance; government is resolving outstanding issues.
Survey DeadlineFamilies with unresolved issues have until 20 July 2024 to update their information and become eligible for assistance.
Banking Services ExpansionGovernment is expanding banking services, including opening bank accounts and launching ATMs, to facilitate fund disbursement.

One significant update concerns families and households registered under various government programs, such as ration distribution and Eid cash assistance. Despite the passage of Eid, many eligible recipients have not yet received their cash benefits. The government has undertaken surveys to identify and address unresolved issues, ensuring that all eligible households receive their entitled support.

Importance of Eligibility

Eligibility criteria play a crucial role in accessing government assistance. Families with scores of 32 or less in the survey process may still qualify for aid. Eligible households need to update their information promptly, including mobile numbers, to facilitate communication and disbursement of funds.

Enhanced Banking Services

To streamline the distribution process, the government is expanding banking services. Plans include opening bank accounts for beneficiaries and launching ATMs in various regions. This initiative aims to improve accessibility and ensure timely delivery of financial assistance to eligible recipients.

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Remember that even with the big news here Let me warn you that all such families and families who got their survey done and there were issues with their mobile number Mobile numbers are also going to be updated The even bigger news is that your mobile account Government is going to open UBL Bank ATM is also going to be launched by others As you know the bank period flourished Earlier Adhia was doing KP in KP. Also in Balochistan Sindh and Punjab HBL Bank was doing their ATM work.


While doing this, I also started UBL And accounts of six to 10 banks Yours will be opened which is 93 lakh. The beneficiaries are the results of Ehsaas and Benazir. Result program and training of children Wazaif is going to EID. As you know Wazir Azam launched the Ramzan package Which was a subsidy of Rs 125 billion Pakistan’s way of giving the biggest ration.

There was a targeted subsidy program Through such families and families Apart from the program, he also had no Ahal Was included in this program now Let us tell you that from the government’s side, 30 The survey deadline has been set for 20 July 2024.

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