Good News: Maryam Nawaz Launch 25000 Program For Poor

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has introduced a new initiative, the 25000 Eid Program, aimed at providing financial aid to eligible Pakistani residents. This scheme is designed to benefit individuals possessing a valid government-issued ID card. By ensuring their eligibility through the prescribed process, participants can receive financial assistance as an Eid gift. In this article, we will delve into the application procedure and registration method for this program. Maryam Nawaz has launched a new 25000 EID program. In which these people will be eligible. Whose identity card has been created by the government of Pakistan. These are Pakistanis who have ID cards. They can guarantee their eligibility in this program.

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So the complete procedure will be explained to you here. How can you guarantee your eligibility in this program? The complete procedure will be explained to you in the article. How can you qualify for this? Eid program? And you can get Holiday Gift Aid money. The complete procedure is explained to you in the article.


Maryam Nawaz Launch 25000 Program

To qualify for the 25000 Eid Program, individuals must follow a straightforward application process. The steps involved in securing financial aid through this initiative will be elucidated comprehensively in the following sections. Understanding these procedures is crucial for applicants to ensure their eligibility and receive the intended financial support. If you want to qualify for this program. So the complete procedure will be explained to you here.

Quick Details:

Program NameMaryam Nawaz Sharif New 25000 Eid Program
EligibilityPakistani residents with a valid ID card
Application MethodMaryam Nawaz Sharif’s New 25000 Eid Program
PurposeProviding financial aid as an Eid gift
UpdatesExpanded eligibility criteria and guidance

All the procedures are explained to you in the article. How can you qualify for this program? That is why it is necessary. You read the first article with an explanation. And understand all the procedures. How can you qualify for this program? And they can get their financial aid money.

Registration Method via SMS to 8123

One convenient method to confirm eligibility for the Maryam Nawaz New Scheme program is through SMS to 8123. By sending their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) to the designated number, individuals can ascertain their qualification status. Upon sending the CNIC, applicants will promptly receive a response indicating whether they meet the program’s criteria.

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You can get your financial aid money. Remember when you send your CNIC to 8123. So when you get from here. It is written in him that you are blessed. You are eligible for this program. Note that this SMS can be sent to you in two ways. And incompetent people. They get a reply SMS in another way. in which it is written. You are not eligible for this program. Your review is in progress. You will be notified within 24 hours.

New update 25000 star program

25000 Eid programme The menu has been updated. Poor people deserve it. Those who are not yet eligible for this program. This is the main reason. They do not have an enrollment procedure in this program. So, to solve their problems, here all the information is explained. Read the article carefully.

And all information can be entered correctly. And they can get their financial aid money. So inside the article, you will be told all the procedures with an explanation.


In conclusion, Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s introduction of the 25000 Eid Program signifies a significant effort towards assisting financially vulnerable individuals in Pakistan. By simplifying the application process and providing clear guidance, this initiative aims to ensure that deserving beneficiaries receive the support they need during the Eid season.

Prospective participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the outlined procedures and take advantage of the available assistance.

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