Great News: 20,000 e-bikes Online Registration Process

The Punjab government has taken a remarkable initiative to provide 20,000 e-bikes under the scheme aimed at assisting underprivileged students. This initiative, spearheaded by Maryam Nawaz, the Punjab minister, aims to cater to students who lack the financial means to afford bicycles for commuting to schools or universities. The scheme offers an opportunity for students to acquire e-bikes through a structured payment plan, making them accessible to a wider demographic. This article provides comprehensive details on how students can benefit from this scheme, including registration procedures and eligibility criteria. The Punjab government has taken a major step to provide a scheme of 20,000 e-bikes to poor students.

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In this, students who attend universities or schools get electric bikes. However, they do not have enough money for bicycles. For this reason, Punjab Minister Maryam Nawaz has chosen to give 20,000 bicycles. And you can get the same motorcycles just to meet your needs. Informing you that you will get these bikes in instalments. This will be paid in convenient instalments, allowing you to purchase this bike with monthly instalments of Rs. 7325. So read this article from beginning to end. And register for an e-bike and buy these bikes.

20,000 e-bikes Online Registration Process

Students who have not yet registered for the eBike program should do so immediately. These motorcycles. Maryam Nawaz Decided to give 20,000 electric bicycles to school students.

Quick Details

Scheme Name20,000 e-Bike Relief for Students
Launch Date[ 11 July 2024]
Last Date to Apply29th jULY 2024
EligibilityGovernment school/college/university students, age 18 and above, no criminal cases, valid learner’s license
Registration CostRs. 7325 per month

All Punjabi students, irrespective of their financial status, can now afford these bikes. If you need one, buy one of these bikes. Here are the details on how to register. How do you register this motorcycle?

Registration Procedure

To register for the scheme, students need to complete a form provided by the authorities. This form requires essential details, including the national identity card number, personal information, and proof of student enrolment. Upon successful submission, eligible candidates will receive confirmation of their enrolment and instructions for collecting their e-bikes. The registration process is designed to be straightforward, ensuring accessibility for all eligible students. You will then be sent a form to fill out to complete your registration. Following that, you will receive a message with the address to pick up your bike.

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Students seeking to avail themselves of the e-bike scheme must meet certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, they must be enrolled in a government school, college, or university within Punjab. Private school students are ineligible for the scheme. Additionally, candidates must be above 18 years of age, possess a valid learner’s license, and have no pending criminal cases against them. Fulfilling these criteria ensures equitable distribution of e-bikes to deserving students.


Who is eligible for the e-bike scheme?

  • Eligible candidates include students enrolled in government schools, colleges, or universities in Punjab. They must be over 18 years old, possess a valid learner’s license, and have no criminal cases pending against them.

What is the registration cost for the e-bike scheme?

  • The registration cost is Rs. 7325 per month, payable in convenient instalments, allowing students to purchase the e-bike.

How can students apply for the e-bike scheme?

  • Students need to complete a registration form provided by the authorities. This form requires essential details such as their national identity card number, personal information, and proof of student enrolment.

What is the deadline to apply for the e-bike scheme?

  • The last date to apply is 29th 11 July 2024 2024. Interested students are advised to complete their registration before this date to secure their e-bikes.


In conclusion, students can seize the opportunity to acquire e-bikes by adhering to the outlined registration process and eligibility criteria. The scheme presents a practical solution to transportation challenges faced by students, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds. With the deadline for registration set for 29th 11 July 2024, interested students are urged to apply at their earliest convenience to secure their e-bikes.

For detailed instructions on registration and scheme particulars, readers are encouraged to refer to the comprehensive guidelines provided in this article.

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