Latest Update About Benazir Nashunoma Program Registration 2024

Date: 14 July 2024 7, 2024

The Benazir Nashunoma Program, an initiative by the Government of Pakistan, commenced in 2024 with a mission to enhance the nutrition of impoverished children and pregnant women across the nation. This program is an integral part of the larger Ehsaas program, which is the country’s largest social welfare initiative.

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The Benazir Nishtun program was launched by the Government of Pakistan. Benazir Nsunoma Program online registration started in 2024 to improve the nutrition of many poor children and pregnant women in Pakistan. It has been said that the Ehsaas program is the largest organization of the government of Pakistan and the Benazir Nishtun program is also a type of it.

Objectives of the Benazir Nashunoma Program

Benazir Nishtunma program has not been registered yet. You can enroll in this program. In this program, children under two years of age and pregnant women can be eligible for this program, and this article shows you a complete and easy way. Rs 2,000 will be given to children under two years of age and Rs 25,000 to pregnant women.

The primary goals of the Benazir Nashunoma Program include:

  • Preventing Malnutrition: Targeting children under two years of age to prevent malnutrition.
  • Reducing Pregnancy Weight Gain: Helping pregnant women manage healthy weight gain.
  • Combating Anemia and Nutrient Deficiencies: Addressing anaemia and deficiencies in essential nutrients.
  • Improving Health and Nutrition: Enhancing overall health and nutrition to alleviate the disease burden.
  • Raising Awareness: Promoting better maternal and early childhood health and nutrition awareness.

Financial Assistance

The program provides financial support to its beneficiaries as follows:

  • Children under Two Years: Each child under two years receives Rs 2,000 monthly.
  • Pregnant Women: Pregnant women receive a one-time amount of Rs 25,000.

Registration and Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

The program specifically targets:

  • Children under Two Years: Both boys and girls in beneficiary families receive Rs 2,000 and Rs 2,500 respectively.
  • Pregnant Women: Each pregnant woman receives Rs 25,000.

To qualify, women must undergo regular medical check-ups, participate in awareness sessions, and engage in vaccination and immunization activities.

How to Register

  1. SMS Registration: Send an SMS to 8171 to register for the program.
  2. Confirmation: Upon qualifying, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Expansion and Reach

Initially launched in 14 districts, the program has expanded to 45 districts nationwide as of 14 July 2024 2023. The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) oversees the distribution of funds, ensuring that only eligible women already receiving BISP assistance can benefit from the Nashunoma Program.

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Quick Details

Program NameBenazir Nashunoma Program
Launched ByGovernment of Pakistan
Year Started2024
Target BeneficiariesChildren under two years, Pregnant women
Financial Aid for ChildrenRs 2,000 per month
Financial Aid for Pregnant WomenRs 25,000 one-time payment
Registration MethodSMS to 8171
Initial Coverage14 districts
Current CoverageExpanded to 45 districts
Key ObjectivesPrevent malnutrition, reduce pregnancy weight gain, improve health and nutrition, raise awareness

Program Impact and Implementation

The Benazir Nashunoma Program is designed to provide:

  • Regular Financial Aid: Ensuring continuous financial support until the child reaches two years of age.
  • Support for Widows: Providing specific assistance to widowed mothers to help them raise their children effectively.
  • Healthcare Access: Offering better access to healthcare services for beneficiary families.


What is the Benazir Nashunoma Program?

The Benazir Nashunoma Program is a nutritional initiative by the Government of Pakistan aimed at improving the health and nutrition of children under two years and pregnant women by providing financial assistance and healthcare services.

Who is eligible for the program?

Eligibility extends to children under two years of age and pregnant women from beneficiary families. The program mandates regular medical check-ups and participation in health awareness sessions.

How can I register for the Benazir Nashunoma Program?

You can register by sending an SMS to 8171. If you qualify, a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number.

What financial support does the program offer?

The program offers Rs 2,000 monthly for each child under two years and a one-time payment of Rs 25,000 for pregnant women.

Is the program available nationwide?

Yes, the program has expanded from an initial 14 districts to 45 districts across Pakistan.


The Benazir Nashunoma Program is a vital step towards addressing malnutrition and health issues among Pakistan’s most vulnerable populations. By providing financial support and healthcare access, the program aims to foster better health outcomes for children and mothers, ultimately contributing to the nation’s overall well-being. The expansion of this program signifies the government’s commitment to social welfare and public health.

So there are people who are poor and deserve it. They are unable to train their children properly due to which the children become disabled. That is why the government of Pakistan has decided to give aid to the children. So that they can take care of their health and train their children well.

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