Gov Announced New Eligible Criteria For BISP Program 10500

The BISP 10500 program has recently been updated for the 2024 episode. This amount has been increased in the next installment of the BISP programme. All users who are already registered will get additional money in the next installment of BISP program. Read the article carefully to get all the details about the money collected in the BISP program. This article details the updated amount, registration process, and eligibility criteria.

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The Benazir Income support Program (BISP) has experienced noteworthy overhauls for 2024. The installment sum has been expanded, giving extra monetary help to enlisted clients. The BISP program has increased its financial aid from 9000 PKR to 10500 PKR in 2024. This enhancement aims to provide more substantial support to eligible families, aiding them in meeting their basic needs.

New Eligible Criteria For BISP Program 10500

Those who have already enrolled in the BISP program will have their money increased in the next installment and if you have not yet enrolled. If you are having trouble registering, we will tell you how to register for your BISP program. Online registration in BISP program is the easiest and best method. With the help of which you can register. 

Quick Details

Updated InstallmentIncreased from 9000 to 10500 PKR
Eligibility CriteriaFamilies with poverty score <30%, senior citizens, disabled, widows, women heads of households, non-government employees, those with ≤2 acres of land, no significant bank funds, no foreign travel history
Registration MethodsOnline, SMS, Tehsil office visits
Special CategoriesDisabled persons, widows, eunuchs
Next Steps for Registered UsersReceive an additional 1500 PKR in next installment

You can check your eligibility criteria and get all the details of BISP program. If you want to do your registration, follow our instructions. Visit the official website of the BISP program. Your registration process will begin and upon eligibility, your funds will be transferred to your account. You can get your money by visiting the nearest grocery store 

BISP Program Online Registration

For registration in the BISP program, you can do your registration through online method, SMS service method, and also by visiting the nearest tehsil office of BISP program. If you are still facing problems and want to complete your registration, you should visit your nearest Tehsil office. All gender disabled and widows should approach their nearest Tehsil office.

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There, their problems will be properly heard and the registration process will be ensured. In the new survey of 2024, all disabled persons, widows and orphans are eligible for the BISP programme. All families who are eligible for the BISP program can receive their money. If you are already registered, you will be paid extra in the new installment of 2024.

Eligibility Criteria for BISP 10500 Program

To qualify for the BISP 10500 Program in 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Families with a poverty score of less than 30%.
  • Senior citizens.
  • Disabled persons.
  • Widows and battered women.
  • Women who are heads of their households.
  • Families with no government employees.
  • Individuals owning no more than two acres of land.
  • Those without significant bank funds.
  • Individuals who have never traveled abroad.

All those who have come for BISP program should now get their registration and get payment. You have been informed about the complete registration process. Register now and get paid.


Q: What is the new installment amount for the BISP program in 2024?

A: The installment amount has been increased from 9000 PKR to 10500 PKR.

Q: Who is eligible for the BISP 10500 Program?

A: Families with a poverty score of less than 30%, senior citizens, disabled persons, widows, women heads of households, non-government employees, those with ≤2 acres of land, no significant bank funds, and no foreign travel history.

Q: How can I register for the BISP program?

A: You can register online via the BISP website, through the SMS service, or by visiting your nearest Tehsil office.

Q: What should I do if I face problems with the registration process?

A: Visit your nearest Tehsil office for assistance with registration.

Q: What documents are required for BISP registration?

A: Necessary documents will be specified during the registration process; ensure your data is updated with NADRA to avoid ineligibility.

Q: Will currently registered users receive the increased amount?

A: Yes, currently registered users will receive an additional 1500 PKR in the next installment.


Government of Pakistan has increased this amount from 9000 to 10500 rupees in the next installment of BISP program. BISP program is a source of light for poor people. With the help of BISP program, all poor families are provided with many facilities to meet their basic needs. This program provides financial assistance to poor people.

So that they can fulfill their basic needs and not be a burden on anyone. Not only poor people but disabled widows, widows and all the elderly are also eligible. If you are eligible for the BISP program and have not yet registered, then register yourself in the BISP program and get paid.

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