New Update: Get Double Rashan From Negahban Rashan Program

In response to the dire needs of impoverished individuals, the Negahban Rashan Program offers free rations. Spearheaded by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, this initiative aims to alleviate the burden of food insecurity. The program officially commenced in 14 July 2024, marking a significant step towards supporting vulnerable communities. If you would like to enrol yourself in the Caregiver Program, you will be informed of the procedure here. How can I enrol myself in the Negahban Ration Program?

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As you know free rations are provided through the Negahban Ration Program. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz launched this program. When Maryam Nawaz was elected as the Chief Minister of Punjab, she announced that she would start the Nighaban program immediately.

Get Double Rashan From Negahban Rashan Program

To facilitate registration, two accessible pathways have been established. Utilizing the 8070 web portal serves as the primary avenue for individuals with internet access. Alternatively, for those lacking internet and mobile facilities, registration via SMS presents a viable solution.

There are two methods you can use to register in the Negahban Ration Program. Through this, you have to use the 8070 web portal. The second way is for those sisters who are poor and do not have internet and mobile facilities. They can do their registration through SMS if they are told the SMS procedure. How can they do their registration through SMS?

Register Through the Web Portal

For individuals with mobile internet accessibility, registering online is a straightforward process. By navigating to the designated web portal through a browser, users can input their national identity card number. Subsequently, upon clicking the “Find” option, immediate eligibility confirmation is provided. If you have mobile internet access, you are now told how to register online from home.

You don’t have to be completely scared by the procedure explained to you here. It is completely authentic, first, you have to open Chrome browser on your mobile or whatever browser you are using. First of all, you open this article on your mobile, you will search the web portal in a new tab and you will enter your national identity card number there.

Negahban Rashan SMS Registration

Acknowledging the diverse technological capabilities of the populace, SMS registration offers inclusivity. Through a simple process accessible on any mobile device, individuals can initiate registration by sending a message to the specified number (8070) containing their national identity card number.

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When you open the message box on your mobile, inside you should go to the new message. And there you should write 8070. And where we write our message and deliver it to others. You have to write your national identity card, number there. Once you enter your National Identity Card number. You must send him.

Quick Detail Table

Program NameNegahban Rashan Program
Initiated byChief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz
Commencement Date 14 July 2024 25, 2024
Registration MethodsWeb Portal, SMS
Web Portal AccessibilityRequires mobile internet access
SMS Registration AccessAvailable to individuals without internet or mobile facilities
Eligibility ConfirmationInstantaneous via web portal; through SMS notification
Support ResourcesProgram website offers comprehensive assistance and guidance
The program website offers comprehensive assistance and guidanceAccessible to all individuals in need


The Negahban Rashan Program stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with food insecurity in Punjab. Through streamlined registration processes and comprehensive support mechanisms, the program strives to ensure that essential resources reach those most in need. As individuals navigate the registration journey, they are encouraged to utilize available resources and seek assistance when needed.

And those who have not received help through this program, how can they get it? This method is explained in detail in this website you should visit this website. Any problem you have, visit this website without delay, all information will be provided here.

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