Niaghban Ramadan Registration Process for the Rs. 5000 Second Time

During Ramadan, the Negahban Ramazan Rashan Relief Program was initiated to provide financial aid to impoverished families. Through this program, eligible individuals received free Rashan (food supplies), with an additional subsidy of Rs. 5000 available in Punjab. The second subsidy of Rs. 5000 is accessible to individuals who have already received Rashan through the Negahban Program. Eligibility for this subsidy is determined based on the assessment conducted by the Negahban Program in the respective area. As in the month of Ramadan, the Ramadan subsidy was started, during which financial assistance was given to poor families through the month of Ramadan by planting saplings.

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The free ration was given to the poor. If you live in Punjab, you get a second subsidy from the Nighaban program which is fixed at five thousand. It can also be found that those who have already received the ration can easily get a second subsidy of 5000 RS through the monitoring program. All information on how you can get this subsidy will be explained in detail here. You can get your enrollment in the guardianship program by reading this article. And you can easily get it for 5000.

Registration Process for the Rs. 5000 Second Subsidy

To register for the second subsidy, individuals must undergo a survey conducted by Negahban staff in their neighbourhood. Those who have not received the initial subsidy can still apply by following a specific procedure. You have been given a ration bag. How do you register for a second subsidy? First, the Neghaban will visit your neighbourhood and conduct a survey. At the same time, staff from the watchdog program will come to your neighbourhood and survey it.

Quick Details Table:

Program NameNegahban Ramazan Rashan Relief
Subsidy AmountRs. 5000
Eligibility CriteriaResidents with financial need, excluding those with criminal cases
Registration ProcessSurvey conducted by Negahban staff in the neighborhood
Additional AssistanceFree Rashan provided during Ramadan
AvailabilityPunjab, Pakistan

The second subsidy is given to them. A second subsidy of Rs 5000 is readily available for those who have already provided a ration. How can you get a second subsidy if you have not been given one? The procedure is below.

Procedure for Second Subsidy Registration

If you cannot receive a ration from the First Watch program, you are disqualified. So let me tell you that new lists have been added by the Neghaban program by which the ineligible are eligible. So, if you join these lists, you can easily get a second subsidy because you cannot get the ration provided by the guardian program. So you can easily get the second subsidy. First of all, you should go to your nearest education office and there you will take your survey.

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He will check your ID card if your name is included in the new list then you will be given a second subsidy which is 5000, you will be given this 5000 and you can easily enjoy Eid.

Eligibility Criteria for the Negahban Program

And let me tell you that the watchdog program will not include people who have a criminal case against them because many people are eligible for this program. Assistance is given to those who previously found it easy to get a second subsidy from the Caregiver Program.

If you are not already eligible for this program, you should ensure your registration and recheck your eligibility as soon as possible. If you qualify, you may receive a second subsidy from the Neghaban Program. You have been given a registration procedure for this program. And the second subsidy which is 5000 rupees selected you can get.


The Negahban Ramazan Rashan Alleviation Program stands as a signal of trust for monetarily battling families, especially amid the sacred month of Ramadan. By giving both prompt Rashan supplies and a consequent Rs. 5000 appropriation, this activity offers imperative bolster to those in require. Understanding the enlistment handle and qualification criteria is vital for people to get these benefits effectively. Furthermore, it’s basic to remain upgraded with program data to explore any challenges, guaranteeing convenient help comes to those who require it the most. Through the Negahban Program, communities can discover help and back, cultivating a sense of solidarity and sympathy amid times of difficulty.

You are eligible for Rs. Subsidy if you are registered for this program. Likewise, you should visit our website to get more such updated facts because you will get help through this subsidy if you get the information soon.

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