Procedure To Complete The NSER Survey Online

The Benazir Income support Program (BISP) has continued the NSER (National Socio-Economic Registry) overview after a long break. This noteworthy step empowers people from underprivileged and meriting families to take an interest in different programs beneath BISP by completing the overview. Besides, those already avoided due to tall Intermediary Implies Test (PMT) scores can presently re-enter the program by re-completing the survey. This article provides full information to all such people about the complete procedure for completing the survey

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However, in this article, there is all the information about the eligibility criteria for completing the survey and checking the eligibility. If you also want to be a part of BISP, you should complete your survey by following the procedure provided in this article.

Procedure for Completing NSER Survey

More than 30 million people have as of now completed their overviews beneath BISP. Those assembly the qualification criteria get monetary help as portion of different BISP programs. To total the study, people must:

Quick Details

Completing NSER SurveyVisit BISP office with documents or wait for door-to-door teams
Eligibility CriteriaMonthly income < Rs 50,000, no government employees, no international travel, etc.
Checking Eligibility via SMSSend ID card number to 8171
Checking Eligibility Online via CNICUse 8171 web portal, enter ID card number and captcha code

Apart from this, various teams have been formed by BISP for those who cannot go to the offices to complete their survey. These teams formed by BISP go door to door and complete population surveys. If you are unable to go to BISP offices to complete your survey, then if these teams come to your home, you can complete your survey from them. Note that there is no procedure other than the procedure for completing the survey mentioned here. So if you want to complete your survey, you need to follow the same procedure.

Who is eligible for the (NSER) survey?

The objective of Benazir Income Support Program is to identify people belonging to poor and deserving families and to help them financially, especially widows and disabled women. It is for this reason that certain eligibility criteria have been set for participation in the BISP program. And only those who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria can be part of the Benazir Income Support Program by completing their NSER survey.

  • The monthly income of the family should be less than 50,000 rupees.
  • No family member should be a government employee.
  • No family members travel abroad.
  • You have not previously received assistance from any provincial or federal program.
  • A family’s PMT score must be below 32.
  • No individual should own more than one acre of agricultural land.
  • No member of the family uses a mobile balance of more than Rs 1,000 per month.
  • Those completing the survey must have a Pakistan ID card.
  • The person completing the survey must be a permanent resident of Pakistan.

NSER Registration Check via SMS

If you have completed your NSER survey to be a part of Benazir Income Support Program as per the procedure mentioned above, and now you want to check your eligibility to see if you have been part of BISP or not, you need the following Follow the procedure.

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  • First, open the SMS application on your mobile.
  • Click the button to type a new message.
  • Enter your ID card number inside the SMS.
  • After writing the ID number, send it to 8171.
  • You will receive a reply SMS immediately after sending the SMS.
  • In which all the details of your eligibility will be given to you.


Q: What documents are needed for the NSER survey?

A: Necessary documents include your Pakistani identity card and any supporting documents verifying income and residency.

Q: Can I complete the survey if I cannot visit a BISP office?

A: Yes, BISP teams conduct door-to-door surveys for those unable to visit offices.

Q: How do I check my eligibility if I do not receive an SMS response?

A: Use the 8171 web portal to check your eligibility by entering your ID card number and captcha code.

Q: What is the PMT score requirement for BISP eligibility?

A: The household PMT score must be below 32.


With re-launch of NSER survey by BISP, more than one million people belonging to poor and deserving families will be able to become part of Benazir Income Support Program by completing their survey. If you also want to be a part of BISP, then you should complete your survey registration process as soon as possible, the complete procedure is presented in this article.

Moreover, all the eligibility checking procedures after completing the survey are also explained in detail in this article. Moreover, if you want to get any kind of information about completing the survey or you have any question about it, then you can ask in the comment section.

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