Punjab iPad Scheme For Students, Online Registration Form

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has launched the Punjab iPad scheme, aiming to revolutionize education through modern technology in all schools across the province. This initiative replaces traditional textbooks with iPads, fostering a contemporary approach to learning and potentially yielding improved academic outcomes. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has introduced the Punjab iPad scheme to educate children through modern technology in all schools of Punjab. According to this, iPads will be given instead of books in all the schools of Punjab so that the children will adopt the modern style of education and will get good results in the future.

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The Punjab government has set up a committee to assess how soon the iPad scheme will be introduced. In this regard, instructions have been issued by the Chief Minister of Punjab to the HEC that the iPad scheme should be implemented in all the schools of Punjab as soon as possible.

iPad Scheme Survey by HEC

A survey has been started in several schools in Punjab in association with HEC to launch the iPad scheme on behalf of the Punjab Government. This survey will show how much children can learn through modern technology. If this survey is successful then the iPad scheme will be implemented by the Punjab Government in all of Punjab and all students will be given iPads for education by the Punjab Government.

Quick Details Table

InitiativePunjab iPad Scheme
Chief InitiatorChief Minister Maryam Nawaz
ObjectiveModernizing education through iPad integration
Implementation PartnerHigher Education Commission (HEC)
Registration ProcessUnder development, piloting in select cities
Eligibility CriteriaAttendance, academic performance, school enrollment, technical proficiency
Potential ImpactEnhanced learning outcomes, equitable access to technology
Future PlansExpansion to all schools pending survey success

The survey is currently being conducted by HEC and the Punjab Government in a few schools. To get the opinions of the students regarding the provision of modern education through iPad and prepare them according to the future work plan.

Punjab iPad Scheme Registration Process

The Punjab government has not yet introduced any formal registration method. If it is successful, the government should introduce a formal funding and registration procedure for the scheme. The government has announced that these iPads will be given directly to all children in schools. iPads will be free to all children under the Punjab iPad Scheme. And some money will be charged to them.

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The Punjab Government has set eligibility criteria for the provision of iPads. If the children meet the eligibility criteria, they will be given iPads. Eligibility criteria are presented below.

  • To receive an iPad, a child’s attendance at school must be more than 80 per cent.
  • The child must have a high academic record in school.
  • The child must be enrolled in a government school


What is the Punjab iPad Scheme?

The Punjab iPad Scheme, initiated by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, aims to modernize education by replacing traditional textbooks with iPads in all schools across Punjab. This initiative seeks to enhance learning outcomes through the integration of modern technology.

Who is implementing the Punjab iPad Scheme?

The Punjab iPad Scheme is being implemented by the Punjab Government in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The HEC is conducting surveys to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of the scheme.

How will students benefit from the Punjab iPad Scheme?

Students enrolled in government schools with high attendance and academic performance will receive iPads for free under this scheme. The iPads are intended to improve learning experiences and prepare students for future educational challenges.

What are the eligibility criteria for receiving an iPad under the scheme?

To qualify for an iPad, students must maintain attendance above 80%, achieve high academic records, and be enrolled in government schools within Punjab.


The Punjab government’s ambitious iPad scheme aims to modernize education delivery and enhance learning outcomes for students across the province. Pending the successful outcome of the ongoing survey, the scheme will be expanded to encompass all schools, ensuring widespread access to educational technology. Students meeting the stipulated eligibility criteria will receive iPads, incentivizing academic excellence and regular attendance. This initiative heralds a transformative shift towards technologically integrated education, positioning Punjab as a frontrunner in educational innovation.

The Punjab government has announced that if the survey under the iPad project is successful, it will implement it in all schools in Punjab and provide free iPads to children. So that they can learn better in the field of education using modern technology and give good results. The Punjab government has announced that iPads will be given to children who do well in school. And go to their classes at school regularly iPad scheme.

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