BISP: BISP 8171 Payment 2024 Released Now Officially

Date: 11 July 2024 7, 2024

New BISP 8171 Payment The BISP 8171 program has started receiving new payments for people who have not yet received a grant from this program. They can quickly receive their grant money by qualifying for this program. This time in the BISP program, you will get 25% more assistance. You can get the amount of help you need by registering for this program as soon as possible. For those who have not yet received their registration fee for the BISP program, here is good news for them. Now, they will be eligible for this program, and they will be given a grant amount.

BISP 8171 Payment 2024: Comprehensive Guide

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) 8171 has announced a new payment update for 2024. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to the underprivileged segments of Pakistan. Let’s delve into the details, including the registration process, new payment methods, and other important information.

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Increased Assistance Amount

In 2024, the BISP 8171 program will increase the assistance amount by 25%. This is a significant step towards supporting the economically disadvantaged. Eligible individuals who haven’t received their payments can now register to avail of this benefit.

Quick Details

Increased Assistance25% increase
New Payment MethodThrough government-approved franchises
Required DocumentsCNIC card, passport-sized photo
New Payment Amount9000 PKR
Confirmation Time24 hours
Payment CollectionLocal BISP-approved franchise

A key change in the BISP 8171 program is the method of payment distribution. Previously, payments were disbursed through ATMs. Now, beneficiaries will receive their assistance money through government-approved franchises in their local areas. This new method aims to simplify the process and ensure timely distribution.

Eligibility and Registration

To qualify for the BISP 8171 program, individuals must:

  • Possess a valid CNIC card.
  • Have a passport-sized photograph.

Once these prerequisites are met, eligible individuals can visit any BISP-approved franchise to complete their registration and receive their payment.

BISP 8171 New Payment Registration Process

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit a BISP Centre: Locate a BISP centre in your area and visit it for registration.
  2. Provide Required Documents: Ensure you carry your CNIC card and a passport-sized photograph.
  3. Complete Registration: Submit the necessary documents and complete the registration process.
  4. Receive Confirmation: Within 24 hours, you will receive confirmation of your eligibility.
  5. Collect Payment: Visit the designated BISP-approved franchise to collect your aid amount.

Benefits for New Registrants

Individuals who have not previously received their BISP payments can now register and become eligible for the assistance amount. Additionally, the program will ensure that mothers who did not receive support money for their children will also be given the required funds.

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New Update: BISP 8171 Payment of 9000

How to Receive the 9000 Payment

The latest update in the BISP 8171 program is the provision of a 9000 PKR payment to eligible poor individuals. Here’s how you can receive it:

  1. Visit a BISP Centre: Go to any local BISP centre and register for the program.
  2. Complete the Registration Process: Follow the steps mentioned above.
  3. Eligibility Confirmation: After 24 hours, check your eligibility status.
  4. Collect Payment: Once confirmed, collect your payment from a BISP-approved franchise.

Online Registration

For those preferring online registration, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official BISP Website: Access the official BISP web portal.
  2. Submit Your Information: Enter your name, phone number, and CNIC number in the application form.
  3. Await Confirmation: Within 24 hours, your eligibility will be confirmed.
  4. Receive Payment: Visit a local BISP-approved franchise to collect your aid amount.


What is the BISP 8171 Program?

The BISP 8171 Program is a government initiative aimed at providing financial aid to the poor in Pakistan, helping them meet their daily needs and improve their quality of life.

How do I register for the BISP 8171 Program?

You can register by visiting a local BISP centre with your CNIC card and a passport-sized photograph, completing the registration process, and awaiting confirmation of eligibility.

What is the new payment amount for 2024?

Eligible individuals will receive an increased assistance amount of 9000 PKR in 2024.

How can I collect my payment?

Payments can be collected from government-approved franchises in your local area.

Can I register for the BISP program online?

Yes, online registration is available through the official BISP web portal. Submit your details and wait for eligibility confirmation.

Who is eligible for the BISP 8171 program?

Any underprivileged individual with a valid CNIC card and meeting the program’s criteria can register and receive assistance.


The BISP 8171 program for 2024 introduces significant updates to assist the economically disadvantaged in Pakistan. With an increased payment amount and a simplified distribution method, eligible individuals can easily access the financial support they need. By following the outlined registration process, beneficiaries can promptly receive their aid and improve their living conditions.

The BISP program is an organization established by the Government of Pakistan; this program aims to reduce the level of poverty. Financial assistance is provided instead of money. This time the new update is that the people who are poor and deserving will be given assistance amounting of 9000 this time by the BISP program.

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