Sindh Government Announces 5000 Relief For Poor People 11 July 2024

Considering the poverty in Pakistan, the government of Sindh has decided to give a subsidy of 22 billion rupees to the poor people. Those who are poor with a poverty score and whose income is less than 32 thousand payments can receive this money in your bank. The government of Sindh has decided to take care of the poor and deserving people and give them good money or discounted goods which is their right if you have not yet registered in this program.

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So the registration procedure is easy, you can read easily after you will register and you will get money more information you can also visit the website and you can get complete here in simple words. Details are provided. The government of Sindh has announced to give five thousand rupees to each person for the poor and deserving people. Can also earn good money

Eligibility criteria

The big news for those who want to join this program is that the eligibility criteria have been allocated and those who fail to meet the eligibility criteria will be disqualified.

Aid Amount5,000 rupees per month to be given to the poor and deserving people in Sindh, Pakistan
Eligibility Criteria– Monthly income less than 32,000 rupees<br>- Poverty rate below 25<br>- Non-government employees<br>- No land ownership<br>- Reside in rented accommodation<br>- Living below the poverty line
How to Receive MoneyVisit Sindh Bank after registration<br>Verify ID card and phone number<br>Receive money through fingerprint verification
Required DocumentsOriginal CNIC<br>Phone number<br>Complete home address<br>Copy of Electricity and Gas Bills
Registration ProcessFollow simple steps for registration<br>Receive confirmation via SMS<br>Visit Sindh Bank for verification
Additional Information– Registration open to Sindh residents<br>- Responsibility emphasized by Chief Minister of Sindh to aid the poor and deserving
  • Those whose monthly income is less than 32 thousand rupees
  • Those people will be included in this program
  • Those whose poverty rate is less than 25 are those who are not government employees
  • People who do not have land in their name
  • And lives in a rented house
  • Those who are poor deserve those who live hard
  • People living below the poverty line

How will the money be received?

Those who can enroll in this program will be given five thousand rupees by the bank. Join the program or not. No, after joining the program, you will receive an SMS, you can use the nearest bank to receive it, which will be Sindh Bank. You will be given complete details by Sindh Bank and you will be able to get your money easily. All information will be given to you in simple words.

All citizens will be given five thousand rupees to receive money, you have to go to Sindh Bank, there you have to verify your ID card number and phone number, then they give you money because of your fingerprint. Complete details and information will be sent to your mobile number. If you need more details, you can visit our website.

Required documents

  • Original CNIC
  • phone number
  • Complete home address
  • Copy of Electricity Bill Gas Bill

last words

According to the aid program issued by the government of Sindh, which was created for the people of Sindh, five thousand rupees per month can be given. If you are residing in Sindh then you can do your registration easily. To register you have to follow some simple steps and then you will be notified whether your payment has been received or not. You have to go to Sindh Bank to verify your information, they will tell you whether your registration is done or not.

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For more information and details, you can visit our website. Residents of Sindh will be given five thousand rupees every month. The Chief Minister of Sindh has said that it is our responsibility to take care of the poor and deserving people, so this aid package has been started.


The conclusion drawn from the provided text highlights the significant initiative by the government of Sindh, Pakistan, to alleviate poverty by providing a monthly aid of 5,000 rupees to the deserving individuals. The eligibility criteria outline specific conditions such as income level, poverty rate, employment status, and residency, ensuring assistance reaches those most in need.

The process to receive the aid involves registration, verification at Sindh Bank, and subsequent disbursement through fingerprint verification. Required documents include CNIC, phone number, address, and utility bills. It underscores the government’s commitment to supporting the impoverished population and emphasizes the responsibility of ensuring their welfare, as stated by the Chief Minister of Sindh.