Update 2024 For kafaalat 10500 Payment Increase 10%

Benazir Kafalat 10500 payments increased by 10% for deserving families across Pakistan. Those who benefit from the pre-sponsorship program will get a financial assistance of Rs.2 lakh. 8500 of that. The government has increased the Benazir Kafaalat payment by 10% to help poor families cope with inflation. This financial aid aims to support beneficiaries in meeting their daily household expenses. Eligible individuals can now check their new payment status by sending their National Identity Card (CNIC) number to the 8171 SMS code or by using the online web portal.

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Now in the month of 11 July 2024, with a 10 percent increase, Rs 105 will be paid. How can you get this amount and what is the method of checking? Complete information about it is available in this article. By knowing which you can gain money knowledge easily.

10500 Benazir Sponsorship Pay 10% increase

Binazir sponsor 10500 paid The government has added 10 percent for the poor to take account of inflation. So in this era of inflation, the sponsorship program can help the beneficiaries to meet their living needs by giving them extra money. In this era of inflation, poor people can live comfortably by meeting their household expenses. 

Quick Details

Previous PaymentRs. 8,500
New PaymentRs. 10,500
Increase Percentage10%
Eligibility CheckVia 8171 SMS or Web Portal
Required Documents for RegistrationCNIC, Child Bay Form
Payment Collection PointsBISP centers, HBL Bank, Meezan Bank, Al-Falah Bank

So those who are eligible for this sponsorship program and want to get their new money. So they can check the amount by sending their ID card number to 8171 code. Apart from this, the government has also introduced a web portal. You can check 10500 increase in Benazir sponsorship payments of 10% and verify eligibility by entering CNIC number online.

Check your eligibility through 8171 or web portal

For those who want to see an increase in Benazir’s 10500 stipend payments, there are two ways to do so.

  • You have gone to your mobile SMS inbox.
  • You must type yours National Identity Card The number there.
  • And to send it to 8171, you have to wait some time.
  • After waiting, you will receive a message from BIP on your mobile.
  • In which it will be said whether your money has been transferred to your account or not.

Integrate BISP into a web portal:

  • Type 8171 web portal on your mobile or laptop.
  • Open the website by clicking first.
  • Enter the CNIC number in the form on the home page.
  • Enter the four-digit captcha code.
  • Click the submit button below.
  • Check your amount and verify eligibility.

10500 increase in registration to Benazir Kafala

Ineligible persons should visit the nearest office of Benazir Income Support Program for their registration. Contact a representative at the NSER Registry Help Desk. Provide your CNIC number and Child B form to the representative.

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Enter your name, address, mobile number, number of people and house information to register. The representative completes the process of registering your information NSER Dynamics B-form. And provide you NSER slip as proof. which you use to check the status of your application.

Who is eligible for Benazir 10500 stipend payments?

Those who meet the eligibility criteria provided by the sponsorship program. They are given Benazir Kafala financial assistance by the Benazir Income Support Program in increments of 10500 every three times. Further below are some points about who these people are.

  1. Those who belong to poor and deserving families.
  2. The poverty rate is less than 35%.
  3. He has not registered any vehicle etc. in his ID card.
  4. He does not have more than four acres of land in his name.
  5. Many people who have not made a passport in their name go abroad.
  6. Those living in rented houses are also eligible.
  7. Poor women who are widowed, divorced, or their husbands have died can receive money from the kafalat program.


Recently updated the new sponsorship program. It has been said that this part costs three lakh rupees. 10500 will be released to eligible persons from 11 July 2024 to 11 July 2024. In which the eligible people can get their new cash payment from their nearest neighbor Establishment of BISP In the camp next door.

Moreover, they will also be able to get this new money from some banks issued by the government like HBL Bank, Meezan Bank, Al Falah Pradik Bank etc., so to get it check by texting your CNIC number to 8171 keep it up. Your new size. So as soon as your new payment is transferred to your account, you can get your 10500 rupees immediately.

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