Benazir Kafalat Program Registration Through The Office starts

The Benazir Kafaalat Program enlistment for 2024 has commenced, advertising an opportunity for underprivileged people who already seem not total their enlistment due to different issues such as need of archives or thumb confirmation. This activity points to guarantee that all qualified people can enlist and get their due installments from the modern installments. The Benazir sponsorship program registration has started in 2024. The sponsorship program has started a new registration.

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It seems that the registration of all the poor people has not been completed, but due to the lack of documents, the verification has not been completed or the fingerprint verification has not been completed. Those who did not complete their registration and therefore cannot participate in this program can complete their registration and get paid for new episodes that are part of this program.

Benazir Sponsorship Program

BISP has launched Benazir Kafalat program under which payment will be made to all eligible persons who complete their registration and verification. All those who have done will be able to get installments who due to any reason could not complete their registration or remain for complete verification due to complete verification of votes or lack of documents.

Quick Details

ProgramBenazir Kafaalat Program
Registration Start2024
Eligibility Check MethodsWeb Portal, SMS, BISP Office
Payment CollectionHabib Bank, Meezan Bank, BISP Camps in Govt Schools
Registration MethodsBISP Office, Web Portal

 Because they have not completed their registration so it is a golden opportunity for them and also BISP has provided a very good facility for them by which all people can do their registration normally, BISP. Easy registration process whereby all poor people can do their verification and registration at home. 

Benazir Sponsorship Program Registration through the office

Those who qualify for it Sponsor a program Says they have not completed their registration for some reason, they have failed to complete their registration due to non-verification of documents or lack of fingerprint verification. If not verified, then there is an opportunity for them to go to BISP office to complete their registration, the procedure is very easy which is given below.

  • You should also visit the BISP office. 
  • You must have your identity card. 
  • You must have all your supporting documents. 
  • An office representative will confirm you.
  • You will be notified that you have completed enrollment in this program.
  • You can get a new installment payment.

How to get money in Benazir Kafala program?

If you are a part of the Benazir Kafalat program and have completed your registration and are eligible for this program and if you want to receive your money, all the information on how to receive the money is below. 

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  • Habib Bank and Meezan Bank are the five banks where you can get money from the sponsorship program.
  • You can collect the amount of this program by visiting the camps in government schools organized by BISP.


Q1: Who is eligible for the Benazir Kafaalat Program?

A1: Individuals from the poorest segments of society who meet the criteria set by BISP are eligible.

Q2: How can I register for the Benazir Kafaalat Program online?

A2: Visit the BISP official website, go to the registration page, enter your ID card number and the four-digit code, and click “Register Now.”

Q3: What documents are required for office registration?

A3: You need to bring your identity card and all necessary verification documents.

Q4: How can I check my eligibility for the program?

A4: You can check your eligibility via the BISP web portal, SMS service, or by visiting a BISP office.

Q5: Where can I collect my payment from the Kafaalat program?

A5: Payments can be collected from Habib Bank, Meezan Bank, or BISP-organized camps in government schools.


The Benazir Kafaalat Program points to give budgetary help to those in require. With the enrollment prepare reviving, people who already confronted issues can presently total their enrollment and get their due installments. The program offers both online and office enrollment strategies to guarantee availability for all qualified people. For more data and help, visit the official BISP site or your closest BISP office.

Benazir sponsorship program and the registration process has started again, those who have not registered before can do their registration, we have given you all the information about it in this article for you to read. You can get all the information about it.

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