Good News: BISP Ineligible People Receive 10500 Now

The Benazir Kafalat Program, a part of the BISP, is currently dispersing 10500 instalments starting in 17 July 2024. Eligible individuals who have confirmed their registration can receive their instalment before the deadline. This article aims to provide comprehensive guidance on accessing the payments hassle-free, ensuring individuals receive their full entitled amount without deductions. Complaint registration is available online for any mistreatment, ensuring prompt resolution.

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Because the government gives you your full amount, you must get your full amount from them. If you are being mistreated, you can file your complaint online. Your problems will be solved immediately, and you will be given your full amount. More than 90 lakh deserving families across the country have received it. If you are eligible for this program, visit your nearest HBL Bank and avail of this program payment.

BISP Ineligible People

BISP Ineligible People Receive 10500 Now

The latest updates reveal ongoing disbursement under the Benazir Kafalat Program. Notably, the government has introduced the BISP portal for convenient payment checking at home, streamlining the process for registered families and National Identity Card holders. Payment transparency is prioritized, with payments being facilitated through six designated banks.

Quick Details Table

ProgramBenazir Kafalat Program
This can be done remotely by sending CNIC to 8171, followed by confirmation messages10500
Payment Start Date15 17 July 2024
Eligibility VerificationRequired confirmation of registration
Payment MethodAvailable through designated banks
Complaint ResolutionOnline complaint registration
New Installment RegistrationAvailable for previously disqualified or overlooked individuals
Registration ProcessCan be done remotely by sending CNIC to 8171, followed by confirmation messages
Eligibility CriteriaOriginal CNIC attestation, no vehicle/property ownership, no foreign employment, no government employment, salary limits

For transparency of money, the government of Pakistan has decided to release payment with six banks now family members can go to banks to get money if they don’t know how to get money through banks come to you Say the process of getting money is very easy to pay, you can get monthly instalment easily after visiting your nearest HBL bank.

BISP Registration For 10500

New instalments are being released to facilitate registered families in accessing their entitlements seamlessly. The government ensures inclusion by allowing those previously disqualified or overlooked to receive the new instalment. Registration procedures are streamlined, allowing individuals to register even from remote locations. Registration can be done by sending the National Identity Card to 8171, followed by confirmation messages indicating eligibility.

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And get instant money from the government of Pakistan if there is no tehsil office near you you can do your registration even at home, you have to send your national identity card to 8171, and your information will be Benazir Income Support Program be sent to Go to the office and after a few days you will receive a confirmation message informing you about your registration and if you are found eligible you can go to your nearest centre to receive the payment.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Benazir Income Support Program, specific eligibility criteria must be met. These criteria include having an original CNIC attested by NADRA, no ownership of vehicles or property, no employment abroad, absence of government employment within the family, and household electricity bills within a specified range. Additionally, individuals engaged in employment should fall within a defined salary bracket.

  • Possession of an original CNIC attested by NADRA.
  • Absence of ownership of vehicles or property.
  • No engagement in employment abroad.
  • No member of the household holds a government job.
  • Monthly household electricity bill falling within a specified range.
  • Monthly income for employed individuals falling within a defined salary bracket of 25 to 30 thousand.


In conclusion, the Benazir Kafalat Payment Update sheds light on the ongoing efforts of the Government of Pakistan to provide financial assistance to deserving families through the Benazir Income Support Program. The update outlines the procedures for accessing payments, registration processes for new instalments, and eligibility criteria, ensuring transparency and inclusivity.

By streamlining payment mechanisms and introducing online platforms for complaint registration and payment verification, the government aims to facilitate hassle-free access to entitlements for eligible individuals. The continuation of such initiatives reflects the commitment to social welfare and poverty alleviation, underscoring the importance of targeted assistance programmes in promoting equitable development.

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