BISP Program 10500 Recieve Now Payment Release Update 2024

In a bid to alleviate poverty in Pakistan, the government has announced a new payment amount of Rs. 10,500 under the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to eligible individuals who are already registered in the program. For those not yet registered, this article outlines the registration procedure and eligibility criteria, ensuring comprehensive coverage of how to access the funds.BISP program new amount of Rs.10500 has been released. You can get a new BISP program payment if you are already registered in this program.

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So if you are not registered in BISP program then this article will also tell you my registration procedure. Because poverty is high in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan helps through these programs.

Registration Procedure

Joining the BISP program will enable you to easily earn 10,500 if you register yourself. You will be instructed on how to register for this program. You can simply confirm by visiting the BISP Program Scholarship Office that you have registered. The online option is given below if you are unable to attend the BISP program office.

Quick Details:

Payment AmountRs. 10,500
Registration ProcedureOnline or at Tehsil Office
Eligibility CriteriaPoverty score < 30%
Registration ChannelsWeb Portal, SMS
ExclusionsCriminal cases, > Rs. 50,000

You can complete your online registration and read it at home. Because most of the women are unable to leave the house or have become widows. They can register online, so even if you are disabled, you can do the same. In addition, you can register online by reading.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for the BISP program and receive the financial assistance, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria. Enrollment is open to individuals with a poverty score of less than 30%, determined through a comprehensive survey. It’s crucial to note that eligibility is contingent upon this poverty score verification, and individuals with ongoing criminal cases or monthly salaries exceeding Rs. 50,000 are ineligible for the program.If you sign up for thisBISP programYou can get 10,500. Therefore, you should be aware that those who are eligible for this program are included.

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How can you find out if you qualify for this program? When you take the survey, a poverty score is determined.The survey determines your eligibility for this program. You cannot register for this program until your poverty score has been verified. You will not be enrolled in this program even if you have a criminal record. You will not be eligible for this program even if your monthly salary is more than 50,000.


The BISP program serves as a vital lifeline for impoverished families in Pakistan, providing much-needed financial aid in the face of challenging circumstances. By ensuring registration in the program, individuals can access the Rs. 10,500 payment, offering a semblance of relief in the struggle against poverty. The government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable populations underscores the importance of initiatives like the BISP program in fostering socio-economic development and resilience.

You can avail this assistance once you confirm your registration in the BISP program. And I will tell you that poverty is very high in Pakistan, because of which it is very difficult for poor families to live.Therefore, the government of Pakistan has decided to provide aid through these programs considering the difficult conditions of Pakistan. You can do your registration in BISP program easily, the registration procedure is explained to you in detail here. You can easily get 10500 by doing your registration.

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