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The Government of Pakistan has introduced a new scheme aimed at providing electric bikes to students from impoverished backgrounds. This initiative, spearheaded by Ms. Maryam Nawaz, aims to facilitate students who face significant challenges commuting to their educational institutions. Here’s everything you need to know about the scheme, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

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If you want to be eligible for the electric bike scheme, let us tell you that these students are eligible for the electric bike scheme. Who is interested in reading at t? is time. They do not have any kind of bicycle and it is very difficult for them to reach their college so Mrs Maryam Nawaz has started an electric bicycle for these students which will be given to them and they will continue their studies.

New Enrollment of Indigent Students

The term “indigent students” refers to those from poor families where parents struggle to meet educational expenses due to their low income. The Pakistani government, under the leadership of Ms Maryam Nawaz, has decided to distribute 20,000 electric bikes to such students in Punjab. If you are a student with a valid educational certificate, you can apply for this scheme.

Quick Details in a Table

EligibilityCurrent enrollment in an educational institution, residence in a village, indigent status
Documents RequiredPunjab ID card, educational certificate, driving license, passport-sized photograph, parent’s ID card
Application ProcessVisit Punjab Bank office, meet the representative, submit documents, receive notification
Number of Bikes20,000
ObjectiveSupport poor students in Punjab by providing electric bikes for educational purposes
Initiated byMs. Maryam Nawaz
Target AreaPunjab, Pakistan

If they don’t have any kind of motorcycle, the Government of Pakistan is distributing 20,000 electric bikes to the students of Punjab by special lady Maryam Nawaz. which will be given to poor students in Punjab. If you are a student and have a study certificate, you can get this electric motorcycle.

Eligibility for the Electric Bike Scheme

To be eligible for the electric bike scheme, students must meet specific criteria:

  • Current Enrollment: Students must be currently enrolled in an educational institution.
  • Residence: The scheme targets students residing in villages far from cities, making daily commutes difficult.
  • Financial Status: The scheme focuses on indigent students whose families have low monthly incomes and do not hold government jobs.
  • Educational Commitment: The students should demonstrate a strong interest in their studies.

In addition, students who want to know the eligibility criteria are told that the program should select the following eligibility criteria,

Essential Documents for Eligibility

To apply for the electric bike scheme, students must prepare the following documents:

  • Punjab ID Card: A valid ID card issued by the Punjab government.
  • Educational Certificate: Proof of current enrollment in an educational institution.
  • Driving License: A valid driving license is necessary.
  • Photograph: A passport-sized photograph.
  • Parent’s ID Card: ID card number or a copy of the ID card of the student’s father or parents.

Application Process

To apply for the electric bike scheme, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Punjab Bank Office: Go to your nearest Punjab Bank office.
  2. Meet the Representative: Provide your bio-data and all required documents during the meeting.
  3. Submission: Submit your application and await confirmation of your eligibility.
  4. Notification: You will be informed about the procedure to receive your electric bike, including the time and place for collection.


The electric bike project was launched by Prime Minister Maryam Nawaz, which aims to improve the future of poor students in Pakistan by providing them with electric bikes. How to get an electric bike Let us tell you that to get an electric bike you have to visit the nearest Punjab Bank office. You have to go there to meet a representative.

After giving the correct bio-data of all the information asked during the meeting, you will be eligible for the e-bike scheme and you will also be notified of the e-bike donation. You will be told how and when you will get the electric bike, all the procedures will be told to you. Read our article for more information as you are told all the settings here.

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