Free Solar: Bank of Punjab Free Solar Panel Scheme

The Bank of Punjab (BOP) has launched a new initiative aimed at providing free solar panels to households across Pakistan. This program is designed specifically for households that consume less than 100 units of electricity per month. By partnering with the government, the BOP aims to assist financially disadvantaged families by reducing their electricity expenses and promoting sustainability.

Bank of Punjab Free Solar Panel Scheme

The enrollment process for the BOP Free Solar Panel Scheme is designed to be accessible both in-person and online:

Registration MethodSteps
In-Person Registration1. Visit a Local BOP Branch.
2. Fill Out Registration Application.
3. Provide Your ID Card Number.
4. Complete Thumb Verification.
5. Submit Required Documents (Electricity Bill, etc.).
6. Receive Confirmation.
Online Registration1. Visit BOP Website.
2. Enter ID Card Number.
3. Upload Necessary Documents.
4. Complete Captcha Code.
5. Click “Register Now”.
6. Receive Application Status.

Eligibility Criteria

Bank of Punjab Free Solar Panel Scheme

To qualify for the BOP Free Solar Panel Scheme, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Monthly Electricity Usage: 100 units or less.
  • Household Income: 35,000 PKR or less per month.
  • Employment Status: Not employed in government positions.
  • Legal Compliance: No involvement in illegal activities like electricity theft.
  • Citizenship: Must be a Pakistani citizen with a valid Pakistani ID card.

Program Benefits

This initiative offers several benefits to eligible households:

  • Reduced Electricity Costs: Solar panels lower monthly electricity bills by providing an alternative energy source.
  • Energy Independence: Reduces dependence on the national power grid, ensuring reliable energy supply.
  • Environmental Impact: Promotes renewable energy use, contributing to environmental conservation and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Financial Relief: Helps financially disadvantaged families manage energy expenses effectively.
  • Government Support: Reflects the government’s commitment to addressing energy shortages and supporting low-income families.


Q: What are the qualification restrictions for the BOP Free Solar Panel Registration?

A: Applicants must meet criteria including monthly power usage of 100 units or fewer, household income of 35,000 PKR or less, no government job, no involvement in illicit activities, and possess a valid Pakistani ID card.

Q: Can I register for the BOP Solar Panel Scheme at a Bank of Punjab branch?

A: Yes, visit a local BOP branch, fill out the application, provide your ID card number, complete thumb verification, submit your electricity bill, and other required documents. You will receive confirmation shortly.

Q: Is online registration available for the BOP Solar Panel Scheme?

A: Yes, visit the BOP website, enter your ID card number, upload necessary documents, complete captcha, and click “Register Now”. You will receive confirmation regarding your application status.

Q: What documents are required for the registration process?

A: You need your National Identity Card (NIC), recent electricity bill, and other documents as requested by bank representatives during registration.


The Bank of Punjab’s Free Solar Panel Scheme represents a significant stride in providing sustainable energy solutions to low-income households in Pakistan. By targeting families burdened with high electricity bills and promoting independence from the national grid, this initiative not only eases financial pressures but also supports environmental conservation efforts. Eligible households are encouraged to participate by adhering to the registration process and meeting eligibility criteria, underscoring the government’s dedication to uplifting economically disadvantaged communities through renewable energy initiatives.

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