Roshan Gharana Program: Solar Panels for Poor Families in Punjab

Date: 14 July 2024

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has initiated the Roshan Gharana Program. This program aims to provide solar panels worth up to 50,000 rupees to poor families in Punjab. The goal is to help these families reduce their electricity bills by using solar energy. The program is designed to alleviate the financial burden caused by high electricity costs, particularly for impoverished families in Punjab. If you live in Punjab, I will tell you that Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has started Roshan Ghara program. Through this program, solar panels worth 50 thousand rupees will be given to poor families. In this way, they will be able to use their own electricity from solar energy. Their electricity bills will also come down which will reduce their expenses significantly. 

So you have to register for this program and also get solar panels. How you can get solar panels How solar panels will be provided to you All the information is given to you in detail here. You can read and register yourself. Let me tell you that poverty has reached its peak in Pakistan and Punjab. The poor cannot pay the electricity bills. So the Punjab government has announced solar panels through which the bill of the poor will be reduced.

Roshan Gharana Program Registration Procedure

How you can enroll in this program The enrollment process is straightforward. You will register easily by visiting the e-Rozgar scheme portal. You will fill out the form. When you submit the form, it will be decided whether you will be enrolled in the program or not. 

Quick Details

Program NameRoshan Gharana Program
Initiated ByChief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz
BenefitSolar panels worth up to 50,000 rupees
Target AudiencePoor families in Punjab
Registration Portale-Rozgar Scheme portal
Required DocumentsNIC, Land ownership proof
Eligibility CriteriaPoverty score < 40%, Monthly income < 50,000 PKR

Registering for the Roshan Gharana Program is simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the e-Rozgar Scheme portal: Go to the official website.
  2. Fill out the form: Provide the necessary details.
  3. Submit the form: Once submitted, your registration will be reviewed.
  4. Qarandazi: If your name appears in the Qarandazi (a draw), you will be registered and eligible to receive solar panels.

Documents required

So you must be a Pakistani and let you know that this program is running in Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz The program was officially launched. Those who want to apply for this program must be from Punjab. 

To qualify for the Roshan Gharana Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Poverty Score: Your poverty score should be less than 40%.
  2. Monthly Income: Your monthly income should not exceed 50,000 rupees.
  3. No Criminal Record: Individuals with criminal cases are not eligible.

Eligibility criteria

And let me tell you that the Roshan Gran program includes people whose poverty level is less than 40 percent. If your poverty score is less than 40%, you can easily register under Roshan Ghara Scheme. Those whose monthly income is more than 50 thousand will not be registered under Roshan Ghara program. 

Such persons with criminal records will not be enrolled in this program. Only the poor are enrolled in this program because the poor cannot afford it due to inflation. That they can pay their house electricity bill and they can reduce their expenses significantly by getting solar panels.


1. What is the Roshan Gharana Program?

The Roshan Gharana Program is an initiative by the Punjab government to provide solar panels to poor families, helping them reduce electricity bills and promote renewable energy use.

2. How can I register for the Roshan Gharana Program?

You can register by visiting the e-Rozgar Scheme portal, filling out the form, and submitting it for review.

3. What documents are required for registration?

You need a National Identity Card and proof of land ownership where the solar panels will be installed.

4. Who is eligible for the Roshan Gharana Program?

Eligibility includes having a poverty score of less than 40%, a monthly income below 50,000 rupees, and no criminal record.

5. What are the benefits of the Roshan Gharana Program?

The main benefits are reduced electricity bills, the use of renewable energy, and overall financial relief for poor families.


The Roshan Gharana Program is a significant step by the Punjab government to support poor families by reducing their electricity expenses through solar energy. The registration process is straightforward, and the benefits are substantial. If you meet the eligibility criteria, this program can provide much-needed financial relief and promote a sustainable energy solution. Make sure to register and take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have not read this article completely, then you are requested to read this article completely. So you too can get solar panels and control your expenses. Because many people in Punjab are disabled, some women are also disabled. Widows who are unemployed can easily get help through these programs.

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