Good News: 8123 Free Ration For Ineligible People Start Again

This article elucidates the registration process for the 8123 scheme, facilitating easy access to registration. Re-registration for the 8123 Atta scheme is simplified, offering three bags of flour per registrant. Previously ineligible individuals are now eligible, ensuring broader access to essential provisions. Providing comprehensive information herein aims to alleviate any concerns and enable seamless participation in these programmes.

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If you want to register yourself in the 8123 scheme, this article explains the registration process in detail. You can easily register by reading this. You have no worries; You can easily get help by re-registering for the 8123 Atta scheme. You will be given three bags of flour through this scheme. Those who were previously ineligible have also become eligible.

8123 Atta Scheme Registration

Registration for the 8123 Atta Scheme is achievable through two methods: online registration and SMS-based registration. Both procedures cater to diverse needs, allowing individuals to register conveniently according to their access to technology. If you want to register in 8123 ATA scheme, you can do your registration in 8123 ATA scheme in two ways. A procedure that allows you to register online. And the second procedure is for those people.

Quick Details Table

SchemeRegistration MethodEligibility CriteriaBenefits
8123 Atta SchemeOnlineNational Identity CardThree bags of flour
SMSNational Identity CardConfirmation of eligibility for the scheme

Those who do not have internet and mobile facilities can confirm their registration through SMS. You will see two headings below the procedure described here. One will be the online registration process, and the other will be the registration through SMS. If you have mobile and internet access, you can read the headlines online. And if you don’t have internet and mobile, then you can read the SMS method and ensure your registration.

8123 Re-Registration Online

Online registration through the 8123 web portal involves entering one’s National Identity Card number followed by a verification step to ensure human involvement. After this process, registrants are promptly notified regarding their eligibility for the scheme, potentially entitling them to receive a ration through the 8123 scheme. After you enter your National ID card number, you will see the following number written in the image code. These numbers confirm to you that a human is running the program.

So you have to write the same number in the box on the other side. Once you enter the number, you will find an option to click below. As soon as you click, you will be notified immediately. You may or may not get re-ration through the 8123 scheme.

8123 Atta Scheme SMS Registration

For those without internet or mobile access, SMS registration provides an alternative avenue. By sending a specific message to a designated number, individuals can register using their National Identity Card number. Upon completion, a confirmation message regarding eligibility is received, streamlining the registration process.

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You must enter your National Identity Card without any additional information. Once you have written down your National Identity Card number, you must send it. Immediately after submission, you will receive a message stating that your ID card is eligible for the 8123 scheme.


In conclusion, the 8123 scheme offers a simplified registration process, ensuring access to essential provisions for a broader demographic. Whether through online registration or SMS, individuals can easily enrol and avail themselves of the benefits provided by the scheme, contributing to alleviating food insecurity and enhancing social welfare. When you reach the point where you are registered with this program.

If you are already eligible for this program, how can you benefit from the 8123-ATA scheme if you are already eligible? You don’t need to worry about how you will get your ration back. Your ID card is all you need. Then you will go to the nearest Tehsil. Once the 8123 scheme representative has seen your ID card, you will need to present your ID card to the 8123 representative at the tehsil. So, will immediately give you the ration to make it easy for you to get.

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